Denying self good first step toward self-improvement
by Clem Garcia,
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January is usually a time filled with renewed hope and enthusiasm for self-improvement. We evaluate our lives and plan to make changes as we confidently set New Year’s resolutions.

However, by February, most of us have settled back into old habits and find ourselves right back where we started. If we truly want to make long-lasting changes, our quest for transformation should start with the instructions found in God’s Word.

An honest self-evaluation is the first step. In Luke 6:41-42, Jesus describes a self-deceived person. He is totally unaware of his sin, which is evident to others. Unfortunately, we all deal with this issue – the problem with being blind is that you cannot see!

This might sound comical, but it is actually quite serious. We begin to believe the lies we have been told. We often blame others and become offended because of the unhealthiness in our own lives. We sabotage relationships, distort reality, even spiritualize our distortion, and demand that others see through our distorted lens.

If we truly desire to become more Christlike, we must recognize the sins that are blinding us. Jesus gives the example (in verses 43-45) of the good and bad trees that can produce only fruit that corresponds with their nature. Before we can reform our behavior, we must deal with the thoughts, attitudes, and desires that are contrary to His Word.

You cannot change a bad habit or overcome a sin without first dealing with the heart issue that fuels it. Everything we say and do flows from whatever fills our hearts. We must learn to form beliefs that will eradicate the lies that we have been told and believed.

Our behavior is largely dictated by what we believe, not just by desire, commitment, or lack thereof. As we begin to believe the truth of God’s Word internally, it will become apparent externally.

If you desire self-improvement in any area of your life, the best way to achieve it is to get rid of the “self” and seek God’s will for your life. We are reminded (in verse 39) that a blind man is a terrible guide who will lead you into a pit.

Often our efforts for self-empowerment won’t help us become better, but will lead to a pit of self-centeredness. Let’s allow God’s Word to guide us and transform the areas that need changing.

May our motivation for change come from wanting to be more like Christ. In 2014, don’t just strive for New Year’s resolutions, but resolve to experience a life-transforming GOD revolution.

Clem Garcia is senior pastor of Grace Temple Church in Goliad
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