Roger E. Sides Elementary School students create booming cities
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Danielle and kids watch as the project develops.
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Roger E. Side’s fourth graders created their own cities. The cities were equipped with utilities, security, businesses, and booming populations. To tap into the recent excitement over the Karnes County oil boom, they formed oil companies that “drilled for oil”. The following articles are some of their written responses to what went on in their communities. See next week’s newspaper for more of these responses.

Good Luck!

By Megan Martinez


The news was out. Deluna Oil Company of Quinnsville, Texas was on the go! Everyone in the oil company was hopeful and at the edge of their seats to find out the big news!

But, when the news came everyone’s smile went away. The company did not strike oil.

“Everyone was devastated about the news. …The whole town was down in the dumps,” reported Lily Gotthardt.

But that didn’t stop Alica Deluna, president of the oil company, she had not lost hope! She made the choice to sell stocks and try again! Of course, her business partners were by her side no matter what!


By Riley Allen


When Alicia opened the bottle I was scared out of my mind, because I wanted oil. The bad luck was that there was no oil, there was sand. Everyone was not happy. I was really upset. Now we are trying it again. So people are going to buy stock from the oil company so they have enough money to have another chance with the oil. Hopefully we’ll have good luck this time. I will help them so I will buy stock.

“They have made some money and now they’re drilling in two more places. Everybody is praying that they hit oil but you never know,” said Jayden Lopez with a hopeful smile.

Hit Oil or Dirt

By Robert Sczepanik

The Deluna Oil Company has been drilling and found one oil well and 2 dry wells. I think that the Deluna Oil Company will make lots of money, but if we hit another dry well stock will go down and that won’t be good for the stock holders. If we hit a well it will definitely be good news for everyone. My fellow classmates and I will be anticipating the next wells and hoping for oil. I have been talking to my classmates and they are optimistic about hitting oil on the next wells. We all know there is more oil. More oil means higher stock prices and that mean better profit for stockholders. In this project our population increases by 5 every time a well is dug this helps the economy but there is a down side. It is that if a lot of wells are dug, our town may become a boomtown and they usually have bad water source and a high chance of getting a disease.

We hit oil

By D’Lila Gonzales

Quinsville, Texas was digging for oil! We waited three days for them to dig. We were so excited because last time we dug up dirt. Every week, we drill for oil and it comes and goes. But Quinsville is not giving up. … When we hit oil, Alicia had a smile from left ear to her right ear. And everybody else did too. Quinsville, Texas is working it’s self up to be at the top and all the citizens are helping. People know Quinsville is small but it’s working harder than ever. Hitting oil is hard because you don’t know where it’s at. When we saw oil coming out we were screaming, hugging and smiling like crazy! Then Alicia went to the front of the room and got her money, one hundred and fifteen dollars. She was really excited that day. Every small business got ten dollars. That was the first time my restaurant got money. I was excited too because I got money and we hit oil. It is very nice of Mrs. Hall to help us do this.

Drilling for oil

By Alyssa Trevino

A couple of days ago we drilled for oil. We got two dry wells and one with oil. When everybody saw that there was nothing but dirt first everyone

had frowns on their faces. When we all saw the second time that we struck oil we all cheered. The expressions on people’s faces from the first bottle was depressing but got right back up again when they saw the second well. The third time it was awful everyone was depressed again. I thought the town had bad luck. It did not matter because the week before we hit a gusher…

Right now we are currently drilling three more wells. After last week I think we should be prepared for whatever comes.

Spindletop Oil Wow!

By Hailey Diaz

Last week Spindletop hit oil. When we found out everybody went crazy. Spindletop got one hundred fifteen dollars. We got it from the richest lady in the whole county. We thought it was just a dry well, but it was oil. What a surprise! Me, the newspaper writer and Serenity were taking pictures and videos of Danielle.

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