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Roger E. Side’s fourth graders created their own cities. The cities were equipped with utilities, security, businesses, and booming populations. To tap into the recent excitement over the Karnes County oil boom, they formed oil companies that “drilled for oil”.

The following articles are some of their written responses to what went on in their communities.


By Aileen Rhae Krause

Welcome to Lonesome Bridge, Texas where we are searching for oil. We hope we hit oil. So please pray for us that we will hit oil.

On April 28, 2011, I picked three spots on where I wanted to drill. I, Aileen Krause, president of the oil company, picked A1, C5, and D2. On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, I was standing in front of the class, and I had a bottle in my hand. Everybody was looking at me. I poured the bottle, and a liquid came out. That means oil! The oil company got $115.00 for the oil.

The next try was D2. I poured it into the bowl, and it was dirt. The class and I were very upset. Melody said,” Okay, well at least we have another bottle.” Everyone in the class said,” Yeah you’re right.”

The third try was, “C5.” I felt lucky! When I poured it out, it was OIL! “Yeah” everybody screamed. We got $230.00 total, and we spent $30 for the cities utilities, for each well. The newspaper got $5.00, for each well. The Hotel, Grocery shop, and the Restaurant got $10.00 for each well. The total money that went into the oil bank account was $100.00.

I am so glad that we hit oil. We are so happy that we want to start drilling again. Now for the two oil wells that we hit, every week we get $115.00 for each well. So that is $230.00 every week, but $120.00 goes to the cities utilities, and the businesses.

“It is better to try and fail than to never try at all. Krause Oil will be drilling soon and Lonesome Bridge, Texas citizens will be anxious to find the exciting news,” stated Kiera Robinson after Krause Oil Company hit a dry well the first week.

The biggest surprise

By Emily Cochran

It was May 4th. The room was silent. The president, Danielle Cox, twisted off the cap eagerly to find out what was inside. Every kid had bulging eyes. Danielle tipped the bottle a tiny bit and sand poured out. Gasps filled the room. Everybody was sad. The children were so sad that they could barely work. After that everybody was very depressed to where they probably could have fallen out of their chairs, but they didn’t.

Danielle, the president, twisted off the (second) cap just as eager as before. when sand poured out. The classroom said in unison,”Again.” One said, “This isn’t fair.” A different kid said, “It’s fair because we also have 2 wells with oil.” The classroom had turned into a riot.

Kenhardt Local Latest News

By Megan Lee Bailey

We hit oil twice. I heard that we might drill again. Stock values are very high now. People are pressing to buy stock certificates. They are as hipper as a sugar rush. I bought one on 5-4-11 from Justin for a low price of 2.00. We are the only people that have not hit a dry well.

We struck oil!

By Summer Diaz

We struck oil! Kenhardt struck oil twice in our project and got no piece of dirt at all. Our life in Kenhardt is great! Shelby is richer than rich, I mean just think of the money she is making with all of the oil we have. Plus Mrs. Braun can make a lot of new products. Everyone is enthusiastic. All you saw was smiles and laughs on the people’s faces. You should have been there. What would we do without petroleum?

Sad or excited

By Steel Rosales

I was so tense. My heart was beating faster than ever… Everyone was astonished, stunned, and breathless. Everywhere pictures were flashing. Finally I heard her say. ``WE STRUCK OIL! ``

Everyone was amazed. It was quite for half a minute until ``YES Whowo! `` Every one started hollering and screaming.

Well it was the best day ever.

Pay day

By Dylan Pacheco

I got so excited on pay day I could feel my heart thumping! ‘‘Thump thump thump’’! On pay day I got sixteen dollars! It was really awesome to me!

I also bought stock so I have thirteen dollars and fifty cents in cash! If I were to sell all my stock I would have at least twenty one dollars in cash! I am very excited because we have a lot of pay days and stock games to go! I am aiming to have at least one hundred dollars by the end of Mrs. Hall’s school project!
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