About Obama: Resurrected?
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Adolf Hitler often spoke using the phrase of “hope and change” just as Obama uses it today.

What kind of change?

Transform America into a dictatorship with him and his cronies in control.

They (liberals and Democrats) talk of a safety net for the poor and unfortunate while attacking and taxing to death the real sources of income to the country.

They do this while at the same time giving money to and apologizing to our enemies. While cutting military budgets!

With a current debt of 16,000,000,000,000 dollars and total commitments of around 100,000,000,000,000 is the United States bankrupt?

When the liberal Democrats succeed in bringing the U.S. down, they will implement the change they really want. They will control everyone or destroy everyone trying to control them.

If you depend on government for anything, do you really believe they will care what happens to you?

If you depend on government, it is time to vote to limit government before the economy destructs.

When that happens you will be left with nothing -- the same thing as your neighbor who has nothing left to give.

The future of this economy and nation depends on limited government where people can excel.

Ralph Hons


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