Being forced to buy medical insurance is nothing new
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The question is why does the government force one to buy medical insurance or pay a penalty.

Under the Republican Administration in 2006 the law mandates that if one is on Medicare, he must buy Medicare Part “D” (prescription drugs) and pay a monthly premium to an insurance company, which can be as high as 104.30 in Texas. Failure to enroll in Part “D” results in a monthly penalty fee.

The worst part of the law in that all persons on Medicare are mandated to buy insurance even if one is not on any medication.

The Texas Attorney General apparently thinks it is constitutional.

But the same attorney currently has a lawsuit with the US Supreme Court arguing that “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” passed in March 2010 by a Democratic Administration is unconstitutional. The main objection is the law requires everyone to have health insurance.

So, Mr. Attorney General, why is the law passed by one political party lawful,while passed by a different political party unlawful. The answer in my opinion is political!

Justin Szalwinski, Sr.
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