United Methodist Church, Kenedy-Karnes City: Don’t let weeds take over your spiritual life
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By: Rev. Sue Huntsman

Weeds are insidious things, creeping in unnoticed until they just about take over. It is a constant effort to stay on top of weeds, especially with the rain we have had. Planning a garden, planting a garden and caring for a garden take time and effort, so why would I allow weeds to take over? Not that I allow the weeds to take over, it’s that I get busy with other things. I tell myself I’ll get to the weeds later. I’ll do it tomorrow. Before I know it tomorrow becomes two weeks. Weeds seem to come out of nowhere, tall ones, short ones, and thorny ones all thriving. Where did those things come from?

Our spiritual life can be affected in much the same way. We can have our life in order, everything going well. Then we get busy with the things of this life. We have travel plans, or friends and family come to visit. We get cramped for time, so we start to shift things around. We can’t cut work, so we look for a little give and take in our day, in our week. Don’t get me wrong, family and travel are good things. So are hobbies and spending time with friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing the things we like and enjoy, but we can become sidetracked by these perfectly innocent, good things. We get busy and before we know it weeds have invaded our spiritual garden. These weeds begin to show in how we live.

These weeds are thorny, poisonous vines that creep undetected into every part of our life. Along the way we begin to turn away from God. It’s not intentional at first; it’s more like “I’ll pray latter. I will go to church next Sunday. I’ll ....” (you fill in the blank). Before we know it, our spiritual life is full of weeds; we have not thought of God or praised Him. We have put off worship of Him. It is as if we do not need Him. We are lost and cannot find our way. We need help. One day we are on fire for God, and then before we know it, we are dull and lethargic. Weeds growing in our faith life will do that. What started out small becomes an obstacle to spiritual growth. We need help. Jesus says, “For where two or three persons have gathered in My name, I am there in their midst” (Matthew 18:20). It is in Christian fellowship we find the help needed to pull the weeds separating us from God. Christ is present in fellow believers. Christ is present among us.

If you do not have a home church, consider United Methodist, Kenedy-Karnes City. Worship is at 11 a.m. on Sunday. We are located at 201 N. Esplanade in Karnes City.

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