Evergreen meeting an eye-opener
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Evergreen held their monthly meeting on Friday 30 November at the district office.

Item 3 The minutes of the October meeting were corrected and approved.

Item 4 The Report of Bills Paid for October listed fuel costs as internet costs. It was corrected and approved.

Item 5 The Budget and Bookkeeping Report listed the EAA weather modification pass-thru contribution as Other Income. After discussion and correction it was approved.

(You would think someone would insure these documents were correct before they were submitted to the board for approval.)

Item 6. There were five (5) requests for drilling and production permits on the agenda. 4 were for oil and gas and 1 was for agriculture. All were approved.

Item 7. Staff Reports/Directors discussion. Director Troell said he was out of town on business at the October meeting and would like to discuss his review of the Management Plan Annual Report. He noted there was no report on 126 wells that are supposed to be monitored on an annual basis. Director Troell also made mention that of the 57 wells being monitored, 47 had a foot or more drop in water level and that three of those had nitrate levels that exceeded the max level allowable for drinking water. These items were in addition to what Director Fox brought up at the last meeting. It was proposed a committee be established to review the report. (This is a tactic often used by this board to avoid discussion of issues in its open monthly meeting.)

Other comments made during the discussion indicated some board members had not read the report. This prompted Director Troell to remark “Our job is to use this report as a management tool!” Troell added, “Some of the responses (from the board) I’m getting says to me, ‘I haven’t looked at this report.’ “

The purpose of the Management Plan and Annual Report concerning it is to be used by the board to manage our groundwater resources. It appears most of this board’s members do not know or understand this and allow General Manager Mahoney to make all decisions concerning management of this district.

Item 8 The next board meeting was set for 28 December.

Item 9 Public Comments. Local resident Lowell Paul told the board “This Management Plan is set up so each of you Directors can make your decisions for the following year: Right? So each Director needs to review it. You don’t need a committee: Right?”

The meeting was then adjourned.

I hope to see you at the next meeting!

Bob Ulrich

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December 20, 2012
Guess they have to pass it to know what's in it ??

Why not?? That's what our Fed. govt does.