Time is expiring, NRA
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In the Old Testament Second Book Exodus, God was very angry with the Egyptians because he knew that he would have to send down 10 curses, the last being killing of innocent children, before they would release the Israelites from bondage.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) refers to Amendment II to the constitution of the right to bear arms “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

In my opinion what the founders had in mind was a defensive position whereby the people could keep muskets to protect their homes from the British. I doubt the founders had assumed military style rifles and clips holding 100 rounds.

Current Vice President Joe Biedon has recommended to the president various ideas for congress to consider including limiting clips to ten round, banning military type weapons, requiring everyone get a back ground check, more help for the mentally challenged, etc.

The current president of NRA says that guns do not kill people. Could the gunman who killed 26 people do the same thing during the same period of time with a knife.

I pray that the president, congress, the NRA, and fellow citizens support corrective action so that we have had our tenth curse, the killing of those 20 innocent children.

Justin Szalwinski, Sr.
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March 03, 2013
Well Justin it looks like God never let up on the Egyptians and seems to be really ticked off right now if John Kerry is in their country. You know you are probably right, the founding fathers did not hold photos of military style rifles, tanks or even jets but don't you think that they knew that muskets at the time did not always exist as they fired them at the British so maybe just maybe Justin they foresaw a little growth in man, technology and industry and feared that the United States could once again face fascism so they went ahead and protected the future of this great country and the people in it. You mentioned the Sandy Hook killer not being able to do it with a knife did you not? Do you know that the same month a man in China did just that with a KNIFE at a school.
February 07, 2013
I disagree Bulldog-

You have absolutely no proof that outlawing magazine cartridges that hold dozens of bullets or weapons of war will not change anything because it's never been done before. As a social experiment why don't we outlaw those items and see what happens? If skyrocketing multiple shootings continue at least we'll know that it's not the weapons...or the is us, crazier than ever and there's not a thing we can do about it. The proof is that every other country on the planet that his severe gun control laws have nothing even close to the scale of shooting deaths that we have in this country.

I don't think it's any better to be beaten to death with a rock, but as we can't outlaw rocks, why not start with weapons of mass destruction?
February 05, 2013
In response to the above ...

I invite you to read this story, . While no one died in this incident, it still shows what someone who is determined can accomplish.

Also, Take for instance, Columbine, we all know about that story. They used 2 sawed off shotguns (Bird Hunting Guns that were modified), a Tec 9 Hangun , and a semi automatic rifle (Not an AR-15), and a lot of homemade bombs.

This story was very tragic, as the one with Sandy Hook is as well.

My point is this, the Government can take away the assault rifles, the high capacity mags, and the whole 9 yards. All this means for someone who is determined enough to kill, is that they will just have to reload more often.

I am not sure how familiar you are with firearms or how proficient you are as well, but, someone who uses them and trains with them (and no I dont mean formal training) can be very, very effective in a very short window of time.

A person can buy 10 magazines for a handgun that holds 10 rounds. That same determined person can unload each magazine in approximately 6-8 seconds, take another 2 seconds to reload, and continue firing. So in theory, in approximately 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, that person has depleted all 100 rounds.

Yes I agree, more extensive background checks have to be done, more focus on mentally ill people has to be done, and the list goes on.

Taking away the assault rifles, the high capacity mags is not really going to solve anything. Do you really think that the criminals care about whatever new laws come out??
February 05, 2013
The criminals may not care about laws, but those who abide by them and enforce them do. One illegal assault rifle confiscated is one less opportunity for someone to "nut up" and go on a shooting spree. This also applies to the extended-round clips and magazines. If changing clips slows a shooter down one second, that very well could mean one life saved. I invite you, BulldogStang, to submit a list of practical uses for assault rifles by your average citizen, exclusive of our police and armed forces. Perhaps the reader can weigh these uses against the tragic loss of lives that they were instrumental in. You may want to give Mr. LaPierre a ring. As for Mr. Szalwinski, well said and spot on.
February 05, 2013
During that 6-8 seconds that it takes to reload a weapon a lot can happen. Jared Loughner was wrestled to the ground by a 61 year old woman while he was reloading in the Arizona massacre where Gabby Giffords was injured. So minimizing the number of rounds in a magazine or drum does have some effect, contrary to what BulldogStang would have you believe.