Kenedy speed trap is unfair
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I would like to share this with you.

I am a worker at the new Conocophillips office in Kenedy.

I was shocked to hear stories of coworkers being pulled over by Kenedy police and thought it was unbelievable untill it happened to me at 5:50 a.m.

Coming out from Kenedy taking County Road 344, the speed limit is 30 MPH but when you come out there is a speed sign of 40 MPH right when I was less than ten feet from the sign.

The police turned on their sirens and pulled me over. I was thinking maybe a tail light or totally something else.

It turned out I was speeding - doing 42 on a 30.

I only said to the officer there is a sign of 40 MPH behind me and there is another far away in front and I am in between the signs, how can I be speeding?

He said, “I clocked you before the sign.”

Yeah. Less than eight feet away.

I stopped almost as fast as he turned his siren on about 30 yards ahead where I found a safe spot to pull over.

It is just so frustrating. All I am doing is working and I respect all signs and haven’t had a ticket in more that 10 years but I still am going to fight for this in front of the judge.

If I have to pay, well okay, but I am not just going to pay for a unreasonable ticket without a fight.

Where is justice these days?

You can see the police every day on the same spot every day before work, 6 a.m. to lunch, noon and after work at 4 p.m.

I understand controlling speed but taking advantage at a spot where the speed changes and pulling over people right at a sign of 40 MPH and saying I am still in the 30... That is taking advantage of people. I hope you can make this public because it is not fair.

Tony Ocegueda
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