They were best friends
by Sarah Taylor
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Bo, pictured here, is the best friend of 10-year-old Dylan Cantu, who has special needs. Bo disappeared early Tuesday morning and his family is frantically searching for him.
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The curse of the missing dogs strikes again.

This time, it’s even more heartbreaking, as Bo, a grey Weimaraner, is a little boy’s best friend.

Porfirio, Jr. and Kristine Cantu purchased Bo to be a companion for their son Dylan, who has special needs.

“I wanted the dog to go everywhere Dylan went,” said Kristine. “We have 30 acres, and Dylan loves to be outside. I felt more comfortable knowing the dog was with him when he was outside.”

Dylan has a chromosome disorder called 49, XXXXY. It causes developmental delays and some mental retardation. Dylan will probably have to live with his parents his whole life.

Kristine said Dylan’s biggest struggle is speech.

“He doesn’t talk much. He says a few words and makes sounds,” Kristine said.

Amazingly, Bo did not need any special training to stick by Dylan’s side. With a little nudging, the dog began consistently following Dylan.

Bo was purchased last summer as a puppy. The family had two previous Weimaraners which also vanished and never returned.

“Those were given to us, and they turned out to be the best dogs ever,” said Kristine.

Dylan’s mother said all of their Weimaraners had been very kid-friendly. That quality is important for the Cantus, as they have three girls as well as Dylan.

“They let the girls dress them up in hats and sunglasses,” Kristine said.

The family first noticed something was wrong early Tuesday morning.

“I heard him barking before 4 a.m., when my husband leaves,” said Kristine. “When we left for school, he wasn’t there. I thought it was kind of funny because he’s always there.”

The mother of four said Bo would typically walk the kids to the car, and when she returned, he would be there to greet her.

Tuesday, he wasn’t there for any of that.

Kristine said she looked all around the property for him, called family members, veterinary clinics and the pound but had no luck.

The family is at a loss to explain Bo’s disappearance.

“It’s a total mystery,” said Kristine. “We live in the country, so there are wild animals. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say something got him.”

However, the mother mentioned she also checked the property and surrounding roads for a body, buzzards or other evidence of Bo’s demise.

Those pieces are still not adding up. The Cantus have another dog which was still on the porch Tuesday morning.

And, if there were an animal struggle, “I think we would’ve heard the fight,” said Kristine.

Dylan understands that his best friend is gone, at least for now.

“He looked for Bo when he got home (Tuesday),” said Kristine. “He was in the back yard yelling, ‘Bo! Bo!’”

Bo is a very attractive, purebred dog, said Dylan’s mother.

“We get compliments on him all the time,” she said. “My gut feeling is that if he’s not dead, someone took him.”

Kristine explained that because the dogs stay close to the house at night, a dognapper would have to have known he was there to go up to the house and take him.

Despite the dead ends so far, the family refuses to give up hope for Bo’s return.

If you have any information on Bo’s whereabouts, call Kristine Cantu at 361-648-5600.

“We just want the dog back,” Kristine said, “no questions asked.”
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