Yarter accuses officials of nepotism
by Joe Baker
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Kenedy resident Maurice Yarter accused County Commissioner Carl Hummel with nepotism violation during Monday morning’s meeting of Commissioners Court.

Yarter said that in July of 2009, he filed a complaint but no action was taken on the complaint.

“Since then I filed two other requests for determination of my action and not received a response,” Yarter said.

“Craig Hummel, brother of Carl, was an employee of Karnes County, was hired in October 2008,” Yarter said. “Carl Hummel was elected and sworn in as commissioner of precinct 1 in 2009. Craig Hummel should have been terminated by statute within thirty days.”

Yarter said that Craig Hummel was not terminated but was retained as an employee of Karnes County until July of 2009.

“The previous presiding officer of Commissioners Court did an interview with the Karnes County Times at that time and that he was aware of the nepotism, but he hoped it would just go away,” Yarter said.

Yarter provided Commissioners Court with a copy of the latest handbook from the Texas Attorney General’s office on nepotism dated 2010.

“The handbook provides statute or the laws under 573 of the Texas Government Code, case law and attorney general’s opinions regarding nepotism and penalties,” Yarter said. “According to state law, Carl Hummel and the members of the previous Commissioners Court were all guilty of nepotism. Each time Commissioners Court approved a bill to be paid another act of nepotism occurred. The handbook is very clear that Carl Hummel should be charged with nepotism by the county attorney. It is within his authority to do so, tried, and if found guilty, removed from Commissioners Court.”

Yarter said there are only four questions that need to be answered by Commissioners Court, and if brought to trial, the jury.

“Was Carl Hummel and any other member of Commissioners Court at that time, aware that Carl and Craig Hummel were brothers? That answer would be ‘yes.’ Was Carl Hummel and any other member of Commissioners Court aware that Craig Hummel was an employee of Karnes County at that time and that Carl Hummel was elected and sworn in as commissioner for precinct 1? Again, that answer would be ‘yes.’ Was Craig Hummel employed by Karnes County for less than one calendar year before Carl Hummel was sworn in as the county commissioner for precinct 1? That answer is ‘yes.’ Did Carl Hummel and Commissioners Court pay Craig Hummel with that knowledge? That answer again is ‘yes,’ until like some time in 2009.”

“In closing I am again asking Commissioners Court’s presiding officer and the county attorney to comply with state law and take those necessary actions to remove from Precinct 1 Carl Hummel from Commissioners Court for nepotism,” Yarter said. “Do you have any questions?”

“No sir,” County Judge Barbara Shaw said.
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