Gambling is Robin Hood in reverse
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According to news reports from Austin, the politicians are going for a tri-fecta by asking voters to legalize gambling in Texas.

Before you become enamored with their revenue estimates let’s look at recent history.

Think back to when voters were asked to approve a state lottery. Remember the promises about what it would do for education and today they are still scrambling to find an equitable way to fund the educations of the children within our state. And let’s not forget the scandals that emanated from the administration of the lottery. You only need to look to Roby to see the heartaches brought about by being a “big” winner.

Then voters were lured into approving pari-mutual betting. In the beginning remember all those racetracks that opened and how many of them are still in operation?

Do you recall the grandiose plans for Lubbock Downs that never came to fruition? What about their claims about how it would improve the agricultural economy?

Alas it was another of their empty promises. And now they are asking voters to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize casino style gambling. Again there are huge estimates of what it would do for the state treasury. They are even reporting what parts of the bill will appeal to various voting groups.

Let’s not be deceived again. If the voters are asked to approve a constitutional amendment to legalize gambling, let’s just say NO.

If you’ll take time to do some research you will find states with legalized gambling have not found an economic panacea? Gambling is Robin Hood in reverse. It takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

Ron Shaw
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