Deplorable conditions at animal control facility persist
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The Commissioners Court may believe that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is the best way to avoid addressing the deplorable conditions at the animal control facility. There has been no animal control board meeting since February because Judge Shaw obviously believes that ‘everything is fine’. When was the last time she visited the facility? Has she seen the hole in the fence, the dogs often left to fend for themselves food and water-wise, the filthy conditions, the mingling of sick and healthy dogs, or the dead puppies? I think not, or her total apathy would be unfathomable. Obviously parvo is rampant at the shelter, and I use that term loosely.

Has Judge Shaw addressed the above conditions, or the unlawful confiscation of private citizen’s animals without due process, or the total lack of compliance with the Texas Administrative Code Rule 169.26 (rules for Facilities for the quarantining or impounding of animals)? NO!!! Perhaps the The Texas Department of State Health Services needs to become involved. Judge Shaw’s solution will probably be to ‘close it down’....after all to run away from a problem is always easier than to solve it. I would speak again at Commissioner’s Court on this issue, to bring it once again to the forefront, but my position on the agenda conveniently ‘got lost’ once before and there is nothing to lead me to believe that a similar fiasco wouldn’t occur again.

When will the conditions at the animal control facility be addressed, as well as the total lack of accountability and the absence of guidelines for the animal control officer? As for the incompetence of the current Commissioner’s Court Judge, that problem will be addressed in the next election!

Bea McClure
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