Report child abuse
by Albert McGuill Refugio
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This week’s scandal with Penn State and the abuse of a 10-year-old sparked something in me and I felt compelled to write.

What appalls me is that adults knew about this predator since 1998 and he still ran a foundation that is supposed to help needy children.

There’s a really sick irony that adds to the fact that adults knew about this man and continued to say nothing.

What does any of this have to do with Refugio County?

I read a couple of weeks ago that Refugio County has more than 30 registered sex offenders living here. That we have that many in such a small population is a little disturbing.

But, those people don’t really worry me. But this is why the Penn State story made me feel like I need to say something.

If anyone knows of any abuse of a child, especially sexual, tell someone in law enforcement. Not a supervisor or a parent or boss. No, tell the law.

We, as adults are children’s lifeline - any child, even though you might not even know his name.

Children are every adult’s responsibility. I’m not sure I’m conveying what sparked me to write. But adults at Penn State who knew of the abuse told their boss who, in turn, told his supervisor, etc.

They thought, ok, I told someone. My responsibility is done.

You go to the law first. We are morally responsible for every child. They are our only chance to start correcting all that’s wrong in our society.

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