Ideas on Refugio’s public services
by Bill Rayburn Refugio
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Is it amazing that our revenue earning-power is the same as 10 years ago? Is it also amazing that our Census is less than 10 years ago?

The things we should be paying more for are brick and mortar, equipment, and gasoline, but, what has escalated is the cost of public services.

We still police less people than 10 years ago; we still have the same amount of streets, and the number of new businesses is less.

Where is the justification for salaries doubling in 10 years?

Our water costs and sewer rates have been increased, as they go hand-in-hand here; we use the same meter to calculate water use and effluent.

What does the city pay for our water?

The price of real estate has dropped, but the appraisal district has not adjusted the cost of what our homes are actually worth — “Fair Market Value.”

Fines and court costs have escalated and I wonder why that is. Judge Roy Bean would roll over looking at our city code violations going un-collected.

Why is there no fine for violating city ordinances?

The solution is to re-advertise the salaried jobs at a comparable rate of cities and towns of similar size and let the people in those positions re-apply for the job at the new rate of pay.

Maintenance is out the door but we still raise everyone’s pay.

How will this generation fair on Social Security? How will the seniors and disabled that have had no increase in income keep up?

I’ll tell you — they know how to budget, while the city fathers look for more and more benefits, more days off, and more pay raises.

We need to clean the fat out in Refugio.

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