Reckless Rick
by Arnold Macias Bayside
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Texas Gov. Rick Perry, in my opinion, will never be president of the United States due to his memory!

I cannot imagine how he made it through Texas A&M College if he cannot remember things. In the New Hampshire debate, Perry acted like he was drunk.

In the Rochester, Michigan debate, he said if elected president, he was doing away with the Department of Commerce and Department of Education... and...oops! I forgot!

Those who donated millions of dollars to his campaign “Felt a low-blow,” like they wasted money on Rick Perry! Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney wanted to bet $10,000 that Perry will never be president of the United States.

Perry replied, that is just small “pocket change!” But Perry refused to make the bet, saying, I am not a gambler. This amount of “pocket change” reminds me of the “Grace Land,” rental mansion, that sits on 3 1/2 acres of land. No wonder there is about a $28 billion state deficit!

On January 2012 Rick Perry will have state retirement with $90,000 per year and $150,000 governors salary per year! Plus the rental mansion is approximately $360,000 per year!

I read, in a Corpus Christi newspaper, several letters, to the editor, attacking Rick Perry! The January 2012, “Vanity Fair” Magazine, There are multiple strikes against Rick Perry.

Also, the January 2012, “Texas Monthly,” Magazine” has the governor on the front cover. The magazine gave Perry the “Bum Steer of the Year,” award!

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