Sister’s wish to celebrate brother’s birthday lands her on probation
by Jason Collins
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Alma Longoria only wanted to take her brother to dinner for his birthday before he headed back to jail.

That decision, among others, has her now on probation.

The 19-year-old Beeville woman pleaded guilty in the courtroom of District Judge Joel B. Johnson on Feb. 14, to hindering apprehension of a known felon. In exchange for her plea, she was sentenced to five years deferred adjudication and a $500 fine.

The events that led her into the courtroom began in the afternoon on Feb. 22, 2011.

Her brother, Matthew Longoria, was turning 23 that day.

As she and her daughter were getting ready, Alma Longoria heard a knock at the door.

It was a deputy asking if her brother was home.

Matthew Longoria had four warrants — two counts of endangering a child and two for failure to appear.

Alma Longoria said that her brother wasn’t home; however, the deputy noticed that as she spoke, she looked back to one of the bedrooms in the trailer house.

Conflicting stories

Alma Longoria, as she talked to an investigator, continued both to deny and admit that she knew her brother was in the back bedroom.

“Longoria shook her head up and down, indicating yes, but then stated, ‘Not at the time,’” she told an investigator when asked if she knew her brother was there. “Longoria then stated, ‘He just got there.’”

As they talked, the deputy saw Matthew Longoria step into the hall and abruptly turn around as the two made eye contact.

Matthew Longoria later told an investigator that he didn’t know for sure his sister knew he was there and that the only reason he came out of the room was that he heard someone, the deputy, use his full name.

“Longoria stated that if it was not for his sister, he would have taken off and never been found,” he said, admitting that she was the reason he was willing to turn himself in.

Alma Longoria told the investigator that she wasn’t trying to keep her brother out of jail — she only wanted to take him to dinner for his birthday.

“Longoria stated that she had convinced her brother to turn himself in,” an investigator wrote after talking to Alma Longoria. “Longoria stated that she had planned to take her brother to China Buffet and buy him a couple of beers before taking him to jail.

“Longoria stated that she had just purchased new underwear for her brother to have while in jail.”

Possession charge

Alma Longoria said that when she first saw the deputy at her door she was scared.

It wasn’t for her brother though.

She knew she was out on bail herself and thought the deputy was there for her.

Last week, she pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and was sentenced to five years deferred adjudication, a $1,000 fine and $140 restitution.

That charge dates back to Jan. 21, 2011, when she was riding in a pickup pulled over by police.

The officer noticed Alma Longoria fumbling with her purse.

The officer would later find a baggie containing 5.19 grams of cocaine.

The officer, in his report, wrote, “Alma advised me that she did not know where the cocaine came from while she was wiping her nose with her fingertips.”

Another charge

Later that year, on Aug. 4, 2011, she again would be stopped by police.

The events that day would add another charge of possession of a controlled substance. She again pleaded guilty to this charge and was sentenced to five years deferred adjudication, $140 restitution and a $500 fine.

Officers had seen her vehicle parked at an inn in the 1600 block of North St. Mary’s Street.

“Several people appeared to be walking to and from the said vehicle, which several of them are known to us as drug users/dealers,” one of the officers wrote.

Other officers were radioed and stopped Alma Longoria in the 2600 block of Quarterhorse Drive after seeing her driving without headlights and not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

She admitted to the officer that she had marijuana and pulled a small bag from inside her pants.

They searched the car and found a baggie of cocaine in her purse.

Alma Longoria, one officer wrote, told them that the cocaine wasn’t hers but belonged to her brother.

Jason Collins is the editor at the Bee-Picayune and can be reached at 358-2550, ext. 121, or at
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February 25, 2012
Feb. 22, 2011-hindering apprehension of a known felon-5 years deferred adjudication, $140 restitution and a $500 fine.

Aug. 4, 2011-Possession-5 years deferred adjudication, $140 restitution and a $500 fine.

Jan. 21, 2011-Possession- 5 years deferred adjudication, $140 restitution and a $1,000 fine.

You can tell she is learning a lesson. Committing crimes in Bee County is NO problem.