Don’t bully me!
by Jimmie Briseno Proud resident of Woodsboro
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I would like to start by saying that Refugio County has some good police officers. On the other hand we have some that think they are above the law. Martin DeLeon is one of these officers.

About a year ago my son got into trouble with the law. (Investigator) DeLeon and (Deputy) Shelly Haertig and another officer went to my son’s house while he was in jail and asked my son’s wife if they could come in and search the house.

My son’s wife asked for a search warrant but they had none.

Martin then told her if she refused them entrance to the house he would call Child Protective Services and have the kids removed from her care.

She was scared so she let them in to search the house. My wife and I got there a few minutes later and asked what was going on. My daughter-in-law explained how they got permission to search.

We then told her that she had the right to ask them to stop the search. Officer Haertig and the other officer stopped right away, but Deleon had to be told to stop two more times.

They were then asked to leave. My wife went to speak with then Texas Ranger Andy Lopez, who is now Refugio Chief of Police. He told her Deleon did nothing wrong.

I have spoken with the Texas Ranger in Sinton and he told me that the tactics Deleon used to gain entry is unlawful and I should press charges with Sheriff Robert Bolcik.

I told the sheriff I wanted to press charges and Bolcik said he would speak to the district attorney.

About a week or so later, I spoke with the D.A. and he told me he had heard nothing about the subject.

Martin, who owns the house next to me, trimmed some branches and piled most of it on my property. I called him and asked him to move it to his own property He said ok.

I called him the following day and asked why wasn’t the pile moved? Martin answered that it was on the property line. I took a picture to prove the opposite. Three days later, I called him again and he said he would have it moved.

I told Martin if he didn’t move it I would call Channel 10 News Trouble Shooters. Martin then said it would be moved, but he was going to make sure I got a ticket for my brush pile.

Monday morning, the new Woodsboro city officer, who rents a house from Martin, came over to let me know that Martin had filed a complaint about my brush pile.

I then told him (Cody Farenthold) that Martin was just using his badge to bully people around and if he was interested in keeping the neighborhood clean, then why didn’t he file charges on the other people with piles in the ditches.

If Martin Deleon does these things as a detective, I would hate to think what would happen if he got elected sheriff of Aransas County?

When I spoke with Mayor George Hernandez about the complaint, he came by and dropped the charges because he found no violation.

When Martin filed the complaint, City Hall sent officer Cody (Farenthold) to check the pile and he found a violation.

Makes me think Farenthold took Martin’s side because he rents a house from Martin.

I may be wrong, but then, who knows?

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June 03, 2012
dirty deeds indeed.