Dream fields?
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Hold your applause, folks. At this time, the “dream fields” (in April 14 edition) are more like a nightmare.

In the beginning, we were ecstatic that, finally, renovations and improvements were happening for our parks and a native son was over it all. What happened? Somebody really “dropped the ball.”

At first sight, the fields, concession stand and restroom buildings are lovely... then, approaching the bleachers, reality sets in. I’m not an engineer or an expert on Little League ball field construction, but I do have common sense, and it’s easy see there are major problems.

If you taxpayers and concerned citizens care to look, this is what you will find:

• The fields are inconsistent in size.

• The girls softball field has no lights.

• The bleachers are way too small.

• Adequate drainage for the fields has obviously been overlooked.

• There are no accommodations for the handicapped.

• The sidewalks are way too narrow.

Verbal complaints were running rampant on opening day. It was a horrible experience; we were packed in the bleachers like sardines, not to mention the danger of being whacked by a baseball.

What happened? Who is responsible for this mess? How did we hire someone to oversee this construction who obviously didn’t know much about what they were doing? Something needs to be done now to correct the errors.

All the talk of future revenue coming to Beeville from tournaments is just that: talk. Lots of changes will have to be done; space and accommodations are just not there.

Speaking of revenue — is it true that the college offered its services for plans, etc., and was turned down in lieu of paying a consultant a significant fee for what? If this is true, we should be outraged!

It’s deja vu again. Our city leaders are treating the taxpayers like mushrooms. Where were they when all this money was being spent on construction? They do not follow up and are not consistent. Yes, they finally made a decision to fire the city manager (who shouldn’t have been hired in the first place), but it’s obvious that some of the “good ole boy” syndrome is still in place here.

Did any council member question or follow up on the progress of the parks or, better yet, where our money was going?

There’s a lot at stake here with the growth Beeville is experiencing. We need leadership that will stay on top of everything and isn’t afraid to make unpopular decisions.

If you as a leader can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t just hang there because of a title. We taxpayers and concerned citizens deserve better.

After discussing these things with the new interim city manager, Deborah Balli, I do feel like there is hope. She has her plate full — a long list that she is checking twice.

Please go to the City Council (there’s a meeting this Tuesday the 24th at 6 p.m.). Hearing of visitors is first on the agenda.


Pat Kopecky, Scott Williams and April and Henry Deleon

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