Serious about marriage equality?
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In response to the moral posturing of Mason Fitch (in Wednesday’s letter), I wonder just how committed he is to the idea of marriage equality. Will he passionately defend equality for those who wish to marry their brother or sister? Does marriage equality extend to marriage of an adult and a child? What about marrying more than one man or woman? The same logic that allows for same-sex marriage also allows for incestuous, polygamous and child marriage.

When you embrace moral relativism, be prepared to embrace it fully. Just as homosexuals have openly demanded public affirmation of their lifestyle, compelled by law, these other fringe groups can do the same.

My opinion is that one’s sexual preferences should be kept in the privacy of their bedroom and not shoved down the public’s throat. When those like Fitch invite me into their bedroom, I feel compelled to respond. I am sick to death of the strident demand for validation of the homosexual lifestyle. Why should I validate that which I consider an abomination? I will only support pro-life candidates who believe in the one-man, one-woman definition of marriage.

I would point out that there are other issues that define Obama and his presidency. There are many, many reasons he should not be re-elected.


Bettye Sevier
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June 01, 2012
"My opinion is that one’s sexual preferences should be kept in the privacy of their bedroom and not shoved down the public’s throat."

Really? And heterosexual people follow this completely, don't they?

Also the whole "slippery slope" argument ("if we allow gay marriage, that also means polygamy, incest, and bestiality is around the corner") is complete bullshit and you know it. Stop trying to force the morals you learned from a book written 2000 years ago down everyone's throats. Remember, not everyone is Christian in this country. America isn't even a Christian nation. Do realize that this is the exact same argument white supremacists gave a hundred years ago to deny minority rights ("if we give them equal rights, then they will start marrying the pure white women, they will start taking positions of power, and soon this will be a nation of Africans"). Homosexuals are human beings, just like you and me. Well, me at least, I don't know about you.
June 01, 2012
Bettye Sevier seems to be lost in a different time.

These statements stem from a strange irrational logic needing to not accept change or advancement in intelligence. Also Mrs. Sevier, an abomination would be a woman spewing these horrible words and ideas.

What you call "child marriages" and incestuous relationships have been around since the beginning of time, before marriage equality was a term (before homosexuality was a term). The references you have made share no association with marriage equality.