Sermon of the week Cost of following Jesus
by By REV. GARY CONKLIN Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church
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Mark 6: 14-29

Everything we do has a cost associated with it. That means each and every choice we make has a cost. With some of the choices we make there is seemingly little or no cost. Other choices we make have a great cost to us and possibly to others. When faced with these choices we either charge head long into it with no regard of the cost or we freeze with fear of the cost and the “what ifs” and take no action. So just what is the cost of following Jesus?

In last week’s sermon and this week’s gospel lesson we begin to see the cost of following Jesus. Last week we learned that we would sometimes face rejection when we deliver the message of Christ and in today’s lesson we see that the message may cause death to its messenger. In both cases we see that following Jesus is no easy matter and it comes with all kinds of cost. John the Baptist speaks the truth about Herod and his wife and is beheaded. Jesus and his Disciples spread the “Good News” and are rejected! So far we see in Mark that it is not always fun and without cost to follow our Savior.

Most of us will never face losing our life for the gospel, but it does still happen in the 21st century. If you look you can find many examples of those around the world that have made such a sacrifice. In the USA we may not face death or even much rejection, but there can be rejection and hatred shown to those that follow Jesus. Our own family and friends could even reject us because of our life changes when we become followers. The question then becomes, at what cost will we stand up as the bearer of the “Good News”? Do we hesitate because we think the cost is too high?

So what about us today in the 21st century and in the USA? Do we count the cost of following Jesus and continue on the road with him or do we count the cost too high and just play it safe? What does it cost us to be a disciple? How far are we willing to go to help spread the “Good News?”

Can we go out into our homes, and communities, and share the “Good News”? Are we willing to speak against injustice, and help the poor and the outcast among us? It is not easy following Jesus in this or any time, but it is something those of us that call ourselves Christians must do. No matter the cost we must follow Christ’s example, and share God’s love with everyone. Sometimes the cost is high and sometimes it is not so high; regardless the ultimate reward is well worth it! Grace and peace to you this week.
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