Karnes City Chamber Chatter
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By Cathy Passmore

Your Karnes City Chamber of Commerce is still experiencing what could be called a “growth spurt.” Along with other areas of Karnes County it seems that more and more companies, especially related to the oil and gas industries, are in the process of moving to our area. I know that the chamber’s door is constantly opening and we are helping to answer many questions for our newcomers. And now, it seems, many companies are calling ahead for information and wanting maps and phone books and other pamphlets that tell about us to be mailed to them. We hope to be able to update our web site soon so that much of what they are looking for can be added to our website.

But I certainly understand what it means, though, to have a place to go to ask other types of questions, so our office still tries to keep up to date as much as we can in order to be able to answer those additional questions. Since we also have a wonderful board of directors who can assist not only with many of the inquiries but also keep up to date with what is happening all around us, we can refer many questions to them for answers. And none of us are complaining about our “growth.” In time, we will more than likely look back and realize how much, and in many ways, our community has benefited not just in money and tax benefits, but also to know that with progress comes the means for improvements. For instance, we know that TXDOT, because of the increased road travel, is working and seeking ways to improve our roads and highways, and thus making them safer.

And, the chamber is trying to improve the overall ambiance of our city, especially Calvert Street at this time, with our Beautification Operation Committee. So, please, if you have some ideas to make our downtown look better and more welcoming, please let us know and if you can help us with contributions to make it happen, we’d welcome that as well.

We do thank all of you who have kept supporting us, keeping your membership going and we ask you please to invite others to join with us as well. As we work together as a community of businesses and citizens, we believe that we can accomplish almost anything. And don’t forget to stop by and visit us as the door is open to all of you, too, not just newcomers. So, again thank you one and all.

‘Til next time, Cathy Passmore
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