2011 Miss Karnes City Farewell
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McKenna Kimble
McKenna Kimble
Standing on stage hand in hand with your best friends wondering whose name they will call next. As all your friends are called and the last name is yours, you have an overwhelming feeling of disbelief and excitement. Did they really choose me?

I’ve had the privilege of reining as queen over this past year. This experience has opened my eyes to so many different aspects not only in this town but everywhere I may go. Being able to represent this wonderful town has truly been a blessing, even if it meant standing in the hundred degree weather for a couple hours. Being Miss Karnes City isn’t just about looking pretty and wearing a crown, it’s about representing where you’re from and being a positive role model for whoever looks upon you. I never knew being queen would be such a challenge! I’m not a very organized person, so trying to get everyone and everything in order for parades and various events was not easy! Many people wouldn’t enjoy standing on a float waving at hundreds of people as you get completely drenched in sweat, but it’s something I can to love and appreciate more than anything. Being able to put smiles on children’s or nursing home patient’s faces is one of the most rewarding feedbacks I’ve ever received. This year I have learned so much about leadership, patience, organization and being open-minded.

I got to share this opportunity with some of the most amazing girls who I am lucky enough to call my best friends. Kalli, Bridgette, Darian, Celeste, Krystal, and Sarah thank you so much for sharing all the laughs and memorable times. I know none of us will ever forget the time we tried making our own dances to spice up the parades, but we all later realized that it just wasn’t working! We also won’t forget the bad hair days and trying to use a port a potty with a huge dress! I know we represented our community so well and also learned so much. The beauty of the girls wasn’t just evident though first glance but also easy to see the first time you talked to them and saw what was inside. We may not have had the most beautiful float but we sure had some beauty standing up there waving!

I am so lucky to have been supported by such wonderful people this year. I would not have been able to conquer the obstacles by myself. A huge thank you to the Rotary and Young Progressives for sponsoring the pageant and, providing the float. A special thanks to my dad who happily pulled the float, bought us speakers, had us signs make, and for always making sure everything was running smoothly for us. He made sure we had drinks and more than enough to eat at every parade. Also thank you to my family for always standing behind me and lifting me up in tough situations. I couldn’t ask for a better support system and ill always remember my grandmothers little words of wisdom.

I would like to wish all the girls tonight the best of luck. All you can do is be yourself and show the judges how special you are. No matter if you win or not, you are a representation of this town. Make yourself proud not just the people who surround you. As I hand down my crown tonight I’m more than happy to because I know the wonderful girl who receives it will do a superb job.

Wherever I may end up in life I will carry these experiences with me and never forget how to act like a queen! I was so blessed to be your Queen for 2011-2012. Thank you for all your support tonight and have a safe trip home. God bless!

McKenna Kimble
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