Longtime resident starts new financial planning business in Karnes City
by Bain Serna
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Rick Jordan is at home behind an array of computer screens at the Triune Financial office in Karnes City.
Rick Jordan is at home behind an array of computer screens at the Triune Financial office in Karnes City.
KARNES CITY – The faint hum of passing cars making their way along Calvert Street is rhythmically heard outside the walls of an immaculately clean office in the heart of Karnes City.

It is the office of Triune Financial LLC, which is owned and operated by financial and investment advisor Richard “Rick” Jordan, CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Jordan has been a resident of Karnes County for 33 years, and makes his home at a family ranch near Helena. Jordan spent a good portion of the 1990s establishing money management firms in cities such as San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas; all the while maintaining his home roots in Karnes County. In 1994, Jordan received his CFP certification, with his goal being to move from insurance and investment money management, to specific financial planning for individuals and families.

Jordan recently came fully out of semi-retirement to re-establish his office in Karnes City in March of this year in order to keep on with what he sees as his calling in life.

Jordan states that his goal with Triune Financial is to cultivate successful relationships with his clients and to offer services with honesty and integrity in the financial planning areas of things such as investments, wills, trusts, retirement plans, savings plans, investment portfolios, among others. Also, Jordan wants to help his clients to understand the complexities of taxation and IRS tax codes, and also vast and constant changes of the financial climate of the modern world and how that pertains to one’s financial assets.

“The economic environment is changing so fast,” Jordan explains. “We used to have small, local economies; but over time they just kept expanding and expanding. Now it’s the world economy. Everything we do in financial business today is tied to the world economy. Information is instantaneous now and it is constantly changing.”

Jordan says he believes in cultivating trustworthiness and transparency in a business that can often be tainted by those who scam and cheat their clients. Jordan warns of the importance between knowing the difference between true financial planners, and those he calls “salesmen.”

“Over the last 20 years, working in these big cities in particular, I have seen every scam that has come down the road,” he says. “People that were ripped off by Bernie Madoff (convicted in 2009 of running an international multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme) were very intelligent, well-educated people of sizable means; but I don’t think they asked the right questions. If they had, they would’ve seen the red flags immediately.”

Navigating through the complexities and avoiding potential pitfalls of people’s personal finances, as well as helping people become responsible and wise with their money, are among the things that Jordan says give him great satisfaction.

“One of the greatest joys is to have a family come in here overwhelmed because things are happening so fast and they are feeling totally unorganized financially…and within a few months they are totally organized in their finances.”

According to Jordan, it is the old-fashioned honesty of the residents of Karnes County that has always stood out the most. It is that honesty that inspires him to continue his work in the Texas heartland, and to stay where his roots will always be. Jordan’s wife of 39 years, Rita, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who was born and raised in Karnes City. Together they raised their two now grown children, Amy and Emily, in Karnes County.

With the Eagle Ford Shale drastically changing the economic landscape of Karnes County and the financial position of many of its residences, Jordan believes that his services and abilities can help now more than ever in these times of economic change.

“I think all of us have certain God-given gifts,” Jordan reflects. “All my life, even before I was a CFP, I was real good at managing our family’s financial resources. Those things kind of come natural to me. I like to help people and I think we’re given these gifts to help people. Part of it is that I feel I have a moral responsibility to at least offer my God-given talents…I will always do the very best I can.”

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