Fair-weather fans
by Claire Baxter Refugio
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First of all, I’d like to congratulate the Refugio Bobcats and their coaches for another awesome season and also to thank them for their hard work and dedication to being one of the best teams Refugio has ever seen.

You have given Refugio so much to be proud of and wonderful memories to hold in our hearts forever. Also, congratulations to the Woodsboro Eagles for their great year! We are very proud neighbors!

Now, for the so-called fans that sit there and won’t stand up or cheer and the ones that leave the stands before the end of a game because we’re not winning, Shame, shame on you.

I can fully understand leaving early for a legitimate reason, but leaving just because you’re angry that we’re losing, now that’s wrong! Those boys out there on the field are the same boys that have made you proud week after week after week, with their hard work and winning efforts; the same boys that brought you to games week after week.

Imagine their feelings when they looked into the stand, with almost a quarter left to play and saw people leaving and knowing that they were giving up on them.

Yes, at that point it didn’t look good for the home team, but this would be the time that they needed you the most.

Why is it that Refugio fans have always been that way. A comment was even made by the East Bernard fans about how bad they felt for our boys to see people leaving the stands the way they did.

I know how much those boys out there were giving everything with all their heart and it’s really sad that their so-called fans gave up on them the way they did. It’s just such a sad shame that you give up on them so easily when they’re not winning, yet you are so, so proud when they are...they’re the same boys!

You shouldn’t have their backs no matter what. Why kick a boy when he’s already down? It was hurting them bad enough knowing their hopes were slipping away, much less seeing the stands emptying as it happened.

I realize that this letter won’t change “fair weather fans,” Refugio has been this way forever. I just believe that it was something that needed to be said.

It would have been awesome to win it all again, but it is what it is. We are still very, very proud of all that the team and coaches accomplished this year, and are thankful for the pride and joy that they provided.

To the seniors... Thank you for the pleasure of watching you boys grow into the wonderful young men that you have become. You will be dearly missed by many! Loyal Bobcat Fan.

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