Rejoice that you’re on the winning team
by Susan Nelson
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I sent the younger two out to feed the dogs with the caveat that I was going to not feed them until their animals had been cared for. (Yes, I dangled a participle and probably do that a lot!).

I mean, I was really drained by the constant fuss about the poor pooches and, although I would feed them, the principle of the situation was that they wanted the animals and didn’t want me to get rid of them, so I was showing them what responsibility meant.

They haven’t yet figured that out with their rooms unless I stand over them, and a clean room is not as rewarding as getting food. Anyway, as I walked out to the utility room, I called them back to the scene of their crime and pointed out that they had to clean up the food they had spilled on the floor as well.

Perhaps they would learn not to spill quite as much, or maybe they should get out of earshot faster, I don’t know. Merrily and they were! It was the oddest thing - they set about cleaning up the dog food left in the laundry room and the utility room quite industriously.

My daughter came to me to report. “Mom, we cleaned it up inside the house, but we left the stuff outside on the porch, okay?”

OK, can you explain that one, I am thinking, but before I get to ask, she pipes up, “It’s like a dog food buffet, Mom. It’s out there for them to eat what they want.”

Can you tell they might have been at a buffet or two? Seemed logical to me, and with so many other things to fuss, um, direct them in I thought I would let this one slide.

I will not even begin to pretend that I know what God is all about. Why this person and not that one? We can look back over a situation and surmise what we want, but ultimately, we won’t know for sure until we see Him in glory.

Sometimes, we see people around us literally getting slammed emotionally where they are devastated by some turn of events. Sometimes, it’s like Job, where the devil taunts God and says, I’ll make them change. Sometimes, it is the potter and the clay where God is trying to mold us and shape us. Sometimes, we simply need to make changes and that is the only way to catch our attention.

Whatever the motivation, God is in control. Let me repeat that - God (the Supreme Being, Creator of the universe) is (past, present, and future) in control (He wields all the power - the big cheese, the big Kahuna, the original Master of the Universe).

Sometimes, “bad” people seem to win, but ultimately, they lose. I’ve told you I cheat when I read books. I flip to the last few pages and want to know what happened. It’s really OK to do that. God wins.

If we are with Him, we win, too. What we face here are the “little’” things, even when they mean the world to us, because God means to be our world. Maybe we are the modern-day “Paul,” persecuted and imprisoned. Shout to the Lord all the earth hear us sing!

When he was at his lowest, Paul continued to lift all to God. So in my efforts to lift your spirits for the new year, I am heading back to my all- time favorite - Proverbs 3:6-. “In all your ways acknowledg3 Him and He shall direct your paths.”

Plural - more than one path (all of them). He guides. God bless, and Happy New Year.
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