Kenedy officials approve GIS mapping proposal
by Joe Baker
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KENEDY – Members of the Kenedy City Council approved accepting a proposal from LJA Engineering to provide GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping services for the City of Kenedy.

Kenedy Police Chief Duane DuBose presented the agenda item for consideration during the Jan. 8 city council meeting.

DuBose explained that the city had been considering different ways to bring GIS mapping to the city during recent meetings.

“One of the things we started talking about is what it is we want in regard to the mapping issues,” DuBose said. “We talked about fire hydrants, streets, etc.”

DuBose said that Steve Gonzales with LJA Engineering had prepared a proposal that would work in regard to current mapping needs for the city.

“The first thing they are going to do is do a partial survey,” DuBose said. “We don’t have that right now. All we have is this map on paper. They are actually going to go through the appraisal district and get every parcel that is inside the city limits of Kenedy and also the ETJ (Extraterritorial jurisdiction) and get those too so that we will actually know what is in the City of Kenedy.”

DuBose explained that zoning changes have been difficult to keep up to date, as well as in other areas. Having current maps available would be beneficial to the city, DuBose explained.

The proposed digital map will have multiple layers that will allow users to access information, as needed, DuBose explained, adding that the map will be web based, allowing the information to be easily shared with developers or anyone who needs access to current city mapping information.

Access to different levels and layers can be controlled by city officials, DuBose explained.

“This starts us on a path of first, being able to identify what we have and being able to come up with the best maps,” DuBose said.

The LJA proposal provides mapping services based on a yearly fee, DuBose explained, and under the proposal the company will update the maps on a quarterly basis.

The set up cost is $4,000, and the cost to maintain the mapping information would be $500 per year under the proposal submitted by LJA Engineering.

“It seems like we have talked about this before,” Councilman Bob Patton said. “Was Veolia supposed to do this for us?”

“Yes, there has been discussion,” City Manager Ford Patton responded. “But it has been primarily limited to water and wastewater infrastructure. As I see this, and in our discussions, this would provide us with the basement – so to speak – that could then be layered with a lot of other information that we want. Flood plain, zoning... whatever. It could probably ultimately be used for water and sewer, also.”

Steve Gonzales, speaking for LJA Engineering, explained that his company would create the digital map based on existing data and hard copies of city maps. They then would work with city employees to bring together new information to also be included.

Gonzales said he and his company would coordinate with city employees and officials to customize the map and the information it contained to best meet the current and future needs of the city.

“For instance, we would take the minutes from the January, February and March city council meetings and would make the updates, as needed,” Gonzales said, describing the quarterly process.

One of the advantages to having a digital map, DuBose pointed out, was that it can be accessed by computer from any location so that the city attorney, or anyone who needs access to the map and related information will be able to do so.

Councilman H. J. Kolinek made a motion to accept the proposal from LJA Engineering to provide the GIS mapping services for the City of Kenedy.

Mayor Randy Garza seconded the motion, which passed, with all voting in favor.
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