Karnes City student publishes book about paranormal experiences in Helena
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Brandon Harrin
Brandon Harrin
By Kathryn Wiatrek

A door creaks ominously. Unknown voices whisper throughout the house. A loud thud echoes as a book abruptly falls to the floor. It’s as if a ghost inhabits these very walls.

Karnes City High School sophomore Brandon Harrin, however, doesn’t flinch. After all, he’s been living with these ghosts for a long time now. So long, in fact, that he had collected oodles of ghost stories to tell. So, he began to write them down and the collection of stories became his first book – Diary of a Teenage Ghosthunter.

And you know what? He didn’t even care if the ghosts found out.

“I’ve been ghost hunting for the past four years,” Brandon said. “My inspiration for this book was my interest in the paranormal and my dad; he wrote a book about the history of Helena, Texas.”

Brandon’s eerily true story, Diary of a Teenage Ghosthunter, was published as an eBook recently and is available at Amazon.com. The story focuses on paranormal experiences he’s encountered in his years of living in Helena.

“The research for this book was basically living my everyday life while ghosthunting,” Brandon said. “I had accumulated so many ghost stories that I just knew I had to put them on paper!”

Although there were a slew of stories to tell, it took Brandon very little time to write his book.

“It took, like, a couple of months to finish this book,” Brandon said. “I started in October and finished at the end of December.”

This book, while already unconventional with its plot, has an interesting feature that makes it stand out from others. Because it is a digital read, it has the ability to be interactive. Readers are able to listen and see actual audio and video clips the Harrin family has collected from their ghost hunting endeavors near the Ruckman House.

“I decided to publish the book through Amazon so I could share EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) and videos I had,” Brandon said. “This way, you could watch and listen while reading and have a more authentic experience. It was a really long process, but worth it. It was difficult process, but my dad was able to help me out.”

Brandon’s father, Barry Harrin, has published a few novels himself and is excited to see his son interested in writing as well. He assisted Brandon with the publishing process and helped him find a company to edit his work.

“I’m very proud of him,” Mr. Harrin said. “Hopefully he will continue to write more books in the future. This could be the start for a broader future for him. I tell him, ‘Just remember, you can become whomever you want; just never give up on your dreams.’”

However, Brandon does not appear eager to pursue a career in writing.

“I don’t really aspire to be a writer,” Brandon said. “This book mainly happened because I had so many ideas that I needed to write it down. However, I did learn a lot from this experience, especially the process of publishing, which I knew nothing about. ”

Even though Brandon does not wish to be a professional author, he still hopes his book does well with the public.

“I really want people to enjoy the book,” Brandon said. “So far, there’s been a good response. It seems like those who’ve read it now have more interest in the paranormal,”

Brandon’s book currently costs $10. He receives $7 of that total every time a book is sold. The percent he makes is larger than some writers because of the convenience of digital publication and lack of paper costs.

“This is a nice little moneymaker for me,” Brandon said. “I’m really glad I made the book digital. I think eBooks are the wave of the future; the effects of them are without limits!”

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