April is ‘Child Abuse Awareness’ month: How to recognize child abuse
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John Lennan, Public Information Officer, with Texas Department of Family and Protective Service said in Live Oak County there have been 59 confirmed victims of abuse/neglect from a population of 2400 children.

In McMullen County there has been one confirmed victim of abuse/neglect in a county of 126 children. There are four major types of child maltreatment: physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

Suspect physical abuse when you see:

Frequent injuries such as bruises, cuts, black eyes, or burns without adequate explanations

Frequent complaints of pain without obvious injury

Burns or bruises in unusual patterns that may indicate the use of an instrument or human bite; cigarette burns on any part of the body

Lack of reaction to pain

Aggressive, disruptive, and destructive behavior

Passive, withdrawn, and emotionless behavior

Fear of going home or seeing parents

Injuries that appear after a child has not been seen for several days

Unreasonable clothing that may hide injuries to arms or legs

Suspect neglect when you see:

Obvious malnourishment

Lack of personal cleanliness

Torn or dirty clothing

Stealing or begging for food

Child unattended for long periods of time

Need for glasses, dental care, or other medical attention

Frequent tardiness or absence from school

Suspect sexual abuse when you see:

Physical signs of sexually transmitted diseases

Evidence of injury to the genital area

Pregnancy in a young girl

Difficulty in sitting or walking

Extreme fear of being alone with adults of a certain sex

Sexual comments, behaviors or play

Knowledge of sexual relations beyond what is expected for a child’s age

Sexual victimization of other children

Suspect emotional abuse when you see:

Over compliance

Low self-esteem

Severe depression, anxiety, or aggression

Difficulty making friends or doing things with other children

Lagging in physical, emotional, and intellectual development

Caregiver who belittles the child, withholds love, and seems unconcerned about the child’s problems

To report child abuse contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at (361) 878-7488.
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April 09, 2009
Kudos for including this information all too often this type of abuse is kept secret.

I realize its an unpleasant subject and no one wants to hear about it. Child Abuse, Sexual and otherwise is an all too common reality.

Please I beg of you all to do everything you can to protect our innocent our most vulnerable OUR CHILDREN.

April 08, 2009
Child Abuse Casts A Shadow The Length Of A Lifetime...

Stop Child Abuse ~ Report It!

Save The Children-Execute Child Molesters!