Average American will eat entire farm or more in lifetime
by Mullet Over by Dr. James White
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A recent study has revealed that the average American will eat 900 chickens, 24 pigs and 15 head of cattle during a lifetime.

Mt. Vesuvius had a huge and famous eruption in August of 79 A.D., destroying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Since then, numerous lesser eruptions have occurred at that site. If a blast and discharge similar to the one some two millennia ago were to befall Vesuvius, experts predict that approximately 3.5 million people would be in extreme danger, including all the inhabitants of Naples.

Just so you know, the Ameri-can drone era has begun. The Federal Aviation Administration has drafted rules for 2014 regulating the use of commercial domestic drones in U.S. airspace. Currently, the flight ceiling is at 400 feet. The FAA has previously given the OK for hundreds of police departments to deploy the devices.

The “hacking” of valuable information sources has recently underscored the need for improved data security. Help appears to be on the way. Encryption experts and physicists have combined efforts to develop what appears to be a nearly unbreakable code using a quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol that utilizes a quantum physics principle that selects a code randomly and all data is unsystematically altered each time it is observed. Their efforts are pretty much wasted on me as I have been bewildered by Pig-Latin and Jive-Talk.

John Foster McCreight was one unusual man. Born in Ireland (1827), he became a lawyer in 1852 and moved to Australia. After becoming dissatisfied with the Aussies in 1859, he moved to San Francisco. It took only a few months for him to become unhappy with California and he moved (1860) to British Columbia, Canada. As a result of hard work, good luck and powerful contacts, JFM was appointed the first premier of British Columbia (1871-1872). Mr. McCreight was described by one contemporary as alternately extremely credulous and extremely suspicious. Subsequent to being removed as premier, John Foster changed his name to “Lover of the Universe” and moved to England where this particular Mr. Universe died in 1913.

The smallest extant mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand. Typical specimens weigh less than a U.S. penny. Well, don’t get “droned” – and have great week.

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