NBA free agency: A Thanksgiving feast
by Mackey Torres/The Bench Warmer
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If the start of the NBA season is like Christmas, then July 1 is like Thanksgiving. General managers feast on players they think can make their team better, while we refresh Twitter every 30 seconds.

While LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony may be this year’s Thanksgiving turkeys, there were other delicacies on the table to gorge on.

No, really, guys other than James and Anthony made decisions. Much quicker decisions.

With the great joy that this time brings comes the agonizing post-Thanksgiving guilt.

The guilt felt when you’ve feasted on something and realize you’ve made a huge, tiny mistake.

Some teams are eating well after their decisions in this early offseason. Some ate well but could possibly regret it. Quite a few are asking themselves, “Why, God, why?”

Eating well

Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas Mavericks

The 36-year-old German got a three-year, $30 million dollar deal, which is essentially highway robbery for the Mavs. He’s not the dominant scorer he once was, but at his age, he’s still lethal and, most importantly, efficient.

He could’ve commanded more but opted to take a slight pay cut so the Mavs could spend the money elsewhere. What a nice guy!

Shaun Livingston

Golden State Warriors

After his gruesome injury, Livingston has battled for a spot for years. His time in Brooklyn showed that he could still play.

At three years for $16 million, the contract and fit is great for him. He can slide into either guard spot and let the Splash Brothers bomb away.

Former Nets coach Jason Kidd may be a snake, but hey! His allowed one “nice guy” move per year got Livingston a nice contract.

Possible regret

Kyle Lowry

Toronto Raptors

Point guards of Lowry’s caliber are rare in the NBA. He had a career year last season, where he should’ve been an all-star.

However, putting up big numbers in a contract year can be a facade; shout out to Erick Dampier. While Lowry is no Dampier, with a four-year, $48 million deal, will that production continue? Well, at least he’s got four years of Drake’s support!

Marcin Gortat

Washington Wizards

Just like point guards, two-way centers are hard to come by, especially in the current era of weak centers.

Gortat has always been solid. But is solid worth $60 million for five years, at the age of 30?

Although, his having the nickname “The Polish Hammer” may be enough to deserve it.

Why, God, why?

Ben Gordon

and Channing Frye

Orlando Magic

I like Frye. I honestly do. But, a four-year, $32 million deal for a weak rebounding, 3-point shooting big? I don’t like Frye.

Regarding Gordon, he hasn’t been relevant since I graduated high school. He was cut before the season ended, so his reward is a two-year, $9 million deal? Thank God that second year is not guaranteed.

Jodie Meeks

Detroit Pistons

Two things we know: 1; the Pistons needed outside shooting. 2; Mike D’Antoni gets players paid (see Lin, Jeremy and Diaw, Boris).

But a three-year, $19 million deal for Meeks? This was the one signing I had to quadruple check to see if the Twitter accounts were legit. He has shown a more diverse offensive game, but, dang, his skills don’t warrant that much. You have to love contract years; thanks Pringles D’Antoni!

This early on into the offseason and the Thanksgiving guilt is all ready setting in. For what it’s worth, at least they’re all eating well tonight!
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