Dogs need shade too
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I am writing on behalf of the animals who have no means of communication or way to fend for themselves. Every day when I drive to and from work it grieves my heart and makes my blood pressure skyrocket when I see five or six dogs who are being subjected to undesirable living conditions. These animals are confined to what I think is a small pen for that many animals and they have no shelter from the direct sun.

I contacted the Bee County Sheriff’s Department who sent an officer to check on the animals. I was told that, in Bee County, if an animal had food, water, and shelter, that was all that was required. I am not denying that they have food, water, or shelter, but their dog houses do not provide them any relief from the direct sun that has been providing us with sweltering temperatures well over 100 degrees this summer already.

The news reports every day on precautions that should be taken in this heat. These precautions should apply to our animals. For other seasons of the year, this setting may be acceptable, but not for now. Dogs sweat by panting. These poor animals spend most of their days panting which gives them no rest and probably puts undue stress on their lungs and heart. The worst thing about the situation is that there are large beautiful shade trees approximately 25 feet away from their pen. I am guessing that these are hunting dogs and the owner does not want to have them trample his/her nice lawn or does not want to deal with the odor of the animals. I have no way of knowing what kind of stress their bodies are under, but I implore you to move them where they can get some relief from the sun, at least until the temperatures are more desirable for them.

I am truly concerned for their welfare and safety.

Dr. Susan Warner
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July 11, 2009
Seems this letter is full of opinion and speculation and the writer doesn't know the full story. Spouting opinion without facts.