Obama’s not to blame
by Hector Deases
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I seldom answer a letter to the editor in Refugio County since I no longer reside there, but every now and then I read one that just makes me laugh and I have to respond.

Kenneth Wright’s letter was hilarious, dumb founded, wrong, and a waste of paper and pen.

Anyone who has had any participation in national politics is or should be wise to the reality that the most powerful people in Washington are the lobbyist, not the president nor congress, but the wheels of corporate America.

George Bush was one of the best governors in this state. As governor he could reach across the aisle and convince democrats as well as republicans to work for what was best for the state.

He gets to Washington, sleeps with the lobbyists of major American corporations and the result is now eight years of turmoil left as his legacy.

Now people like Wright are trying to crucify Obama for doing just as all the others’ before him who have promised as he has and isn’t delivering as he isn’t.

Folks for the record, I voted for Ron Paul for president and I’ll vote for Kay Bailey (Hutchison) for governor. I am a man who votes in what he hears and I’ve heard nothing from the democrats.

I believe all I’ve heard from the republicans are words of blame on a democratic president who was left the mess (George Bush) a republican left behind.

So, Kenneth, before you write another letter cross your T’s, dot your I’s, and know what it is you’re addressing, OK? Respectfully.

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