Obama’s scary
by Jo Ann L. Hadwin
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I’ve been reading a lot about Obama (books, Internet) and I’m now reading “The Obama Nation.” This book goes back into the past and has documented proof about what it speaks. Obama’s claim that he isn’t a Muslim is an outright lie. There is proof that he was educated in a Muslim school when he lived in Indonesia with his Muslim stepfather and his mother. In one of his speeches, he stated that in a time of stress, he would have to fall back on his Muslim training.

You need to call up “American Thinker” on the Internet. There you will find Obama’s complete speeches. In the text, he lists his first goals. There are three areas that he will nationalize. The first is public education. Under his goals he lists doing away with the local school boards, administrations and home school (even if he has to go to the courts).

Washington will tell you what textbooks your children study, who will be their teacher and what that teacher will be paid. School taxes will be paid to Washington and they in turn will dole out to each school what they deem to be proper and there will be no recourse. Health care will also come under Washington’s guide. Please show one program that the government has taken on that is a success. There aren’t any. It took two years for me to get a mistake in billing straightened out with Medicare. On top of the terrible mess it would create, there would be a shortage of doctors and nurses. Just look at the mess Canada’s health care is in. The next area that will come under government control is the media. This is communism in its true form. Our freedoms will be taken away from us. This will only be the start.

Then there will be a sharp rise in taxes. Make no mistake — when he says only on the rich — he has now said it would have to be on people earning $40,000 or more. There aren’t enough people earning income to pay for his programs. Think about this. If taxes go up on the rich, who will create the jobs for the rest of us? Poor people do not create jobs for others — only the rich do that. They have the money to invest. With the capital gain cuts, there will not be any more jobs created. In fact, there will be a reduction of jobs and that means the middle class and the poor. This is a real disaster. Obama intends to create an U.N.-motivated tax on U.S. citizens to combat global poverty. He also is a strong supporter of gun control and abortion on demand. Raising more taxes will most certainly slow the economy to such a point that a depression will follow. There is no way that the U.S.A. can afford his programs and survive.

The Democrats have done everything they could to keep President Bush’s programs from succeeding. They would rather see this country go into the tank than allow any of the programs that Bush tried to get through to succeed. They won’t allow any drilling here; they have put obstacle after obstacle in the way of building more refineries or any other kind of energy. Congress’ windfall tax is the big drive that forced the oil companies to go to other countries. When the oil industry went bust back in the ’80s, Congress did not bother to bail out that industry. People lost their jobs and then their homes. Congress could have cared less. Oil companies went out of business. Bee County alone lost a number of oil companies. We went through some very bad times.

The Wall Street disaster did not start with President Bush. It started a lot further back, as far back as when the welfare programs were first installed under FDR. We have to wake up if we want this country to survive. Make no mistake, if this country goes under, so will the rest of the world and there will be a depression the likes of which we have never seen.
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