Sheriff’s reports
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In addition to arrests, the Sheriff’s office received 181 complaints the week of Nov. 10-16.

A woman east of Oakville advised that she and her husband have received calls from someone saying that they have won prizes from [a large store.] The caller said her husband got a call on Friday from a man with a foreign accent who told him that he won a $500 gas card or $700 in merchandise from the store. The man told her husband that all he had to pay was $1.95 for delivery of the prize. She stated that she received a call yesterday from a man with the same accent who told her that she won a $1,000 prize, and when she told him that she would go to [the store] to pick up her prize, he hung up on her. She stated that her caller ID says “out of area” when the call comes in. The man she spoke to yesterday said his name was Andrew. She called [the store] to see if the calls were legitimate, and she was told that they knew nothing about any prizes. She and her husband are elderly and are afraid that someone will try to steal their identity.

A Corpus Christi woman who banks locally came to George West to check her account. She found numerous transactions that she did not make on her statement. She said the transactions were made using her debit card and that the transactions were made online.

A George West woman reported a fight in the parking lot at a local store. Another woman allegedly hit her in the head and she claimed she had a witness who saw it. When asked what all the shouting was in the background, she said her witness was trying to keep the other woman from hitting her again.

A male caller traveling on US 59 southbound at IH-37 reported that he had passed a truck that had no lights on the trailer. The trailer was from a certain trucking company. He had called the company and they said that they had no trucks in this area; although they had had four trailers stolen. The responding officer was unable to locate the truck and trailer.

A Corpus Christi man was looking for his vehicle that was involved in an accident that had occurred on IH-37 northbound somewhere near Mathis several days earlier. He said that he was transported to SBC by EMS. They have no record on him. An officer in plain clothes was on the scene but he didn’t remember a name. Now he can’t find his vehicle. He has called San Patricio County but they have no record of this. He doesn’t know what else to do.

A woman traveling on IH-37 advised that she passed a blue 18-wheeler with a oversize load flag and had to speed up to 80 mph to get away from it. She said the driver was waving a camera at her.

A man south of George West reported that there was a bull on his property - unknown who it belongs to. It’s been there for a while. He wanted to know how long before he can claim it as his own.

A woman said that her husband just called her and told her the police came into their apartment and searched her son’s room in reference to a coke machine being broken into. She was infuriated that they are targeting her son. She advised if they have evidence against him, they should produce it and “not go on just rumors.” She requested that an officer call her immediately.

A Three Rivers man reported that a rig that was moving was holding up traffic. He suggested that police check it out as the truck was dangerously close to electrical wires.

A George West woman advised that subjects were driving around in the alley in a golf cart. She requested an officer check them out as it is late.

A George West caller advised she was passing by a residence and cars were parked along both sides of the road. Children were playing in the street; they would not get out of road and she almost hit one of them. She said it looked like two men were holding a female down and she was fighting them. An officer made contact.

A caller in McMullen County advised that a truck hit a pole, which is down with a live wire in the road. The driver is still in the vehicle. They will not attempt to get him out until help arrives. This was the rig that was moving from an earlier call in Three Rivers. It had hit a line by the courthouse and pulled the pole down. They had notified Karnes Electric Emergency. The roads would be blocked until Karnes Electric gets there. The transformer is in the roadway. A McMullen County deputy reported that he had cut the lines, taped them up and cleared the highway. The owner of the rig was to standby and wait for Karnes Electric.

A male caller advised that he wanted a State Trooper to come to his location. He wanted to make a citizen’s arrest. He said an officer gave him a ticket but he wasn’t speeding. He said if the officer could give him a ticket, he could give the officer a ticket because one of the officer’s lights wasn’t working.

Jessica Lee Hammock, 21, of Corpus Christi was arrested on Nov. 15 for public intoxication. Three Rivers Municipal Judge Dawn Benham set bond at $500.

Quadir Abdullah Muwwakkil, 40, of San Antonio was arrested on Nov. 13 for theft of service, greater than or equal to $20 but less than $500. Benham set bond at $800. He was released after paying $800 fine.

Johnny Hernandez, 27, of Geoge West was arrested on Nov. 13 for violation of protective order. Benham set bond at $3000.

William Corey Long, 22, of Corpus Christi was arrested on Nov. 15 for driving while intoxicated. Benham set bond at $1500.

Benjamin Ray Koonce, 34, of Whitsett was arrested on Nov. 9 for criminal non-support. George West Municipal Judge Patricia Lanford set bond at $2400. He paid the Attorney General the total amount due of $5,000 and was released.

Gary Lynn Campbell, 42, of Mathis was arrested on Oct. 29 for failure to appear on a charge of assault causes bodily injury. Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Virginia Tanguma set bond at $2500. He was released for time served per Live Oak County Judge Jim Huff.

Jerrett Ross Remmers, aka Jerreh Remmers or “Crazy Eyes” Remmers, 24, of Three Rivers was arrested on Oct. 5 on #1- a warrant for burglary of habitation and #2- warrant from Bee County for failure to identify/fugitive/intent to give false information. He received time served per Judge David Silva on Oct. 13 and was transported to ISF on Nov. 12.

Steven Francis Schaaf, 35, of San Antonio was arrested on Oct. 1 for assault of public servant, enhanced (4 counts.) He was transported to TDCJ-Bryd unit by deputies.

Jake Randall Fox, 22, of Beeville was arrested on Oct. 12 for burglary of building. He was released to Garza West.
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