Sheriff’s reports
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In addition to arrests, the sheriff’s office received 168 complaints the week of Feb. 2-8.

A woman from south of the county advised there had been teenagers mudding on a county road and a pickup was stuck on the road. She complained that the kids were tearing up the road and making it hard for property owners to access their property. She would like an officer to go out and catch them.

A woman wanted to speak with an officer because she found some masks in her front yard and they scared her. She lives alone and was afraid someone may be coming back to get them and they are scary masks.

A Lagarto man advised he heard a loud explosion that shook his barn and it has a cement floor. He did not know what had caused the sound.

About five minutes later, a woman advised that her son was burning some brush on her property. He threw some gasoline on the fire and it exploded.

A clerk from a convenience store on the interstate advised that a male subject had walked into the store. When the clerk turned his back, the man took a cowboy hat from the display and walked out with it.

A deputy radioed in that he had been out with an elderly female who told him that she was not feeling well. When asked if she wanted EMS, she refused. The deputy called her daughter and they said they would be en route to get her. It was later learned that a BOLO had been put out on the woman in an attempt to locate a missing person out of Portland.

A George West woman reported an assault on her son. She said that he had been at an out of town basketball game. He threw a cup of sunflower seeds at a boy and the boy punched him.

A George West woman reported that someone had shot her dog. She requested that an officer come to her residence to make a report.

A George West woman stated that she and a man were arguing and he said something she didn’t like. She wanted an officer to go over there.

Caller reported that she was driving on US 59 near the sheriff’s office when a man walking with a duffle bag crossed in front of her car. She could have hit him.

A George West woman stated her dog was shot and killed in her yard on Friday. She got up this morning and now her cat is lying dead in her front yard. Its collar had been taken off. She wanted an officer to take a report.

A George West convenience store clerk reported that a local man got $42.01 worth of gas. When he came into the store, he only paid for a drink and didn’t tell the clerk he had gotten gas.

A Lagarto man advised that there was a little boy in a blue shirt, a diaper and a black hat. There was no parent around. CPS was advised of the situation. About fifteen minutes later, the father of the child called the office and advised that he let the child watch ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and that he always locked the door. Today he just fell asleep and that’s how his child got out. Someone called him and told him that an officer had his son.

An Atascosa Co. dispatcher advised they had received a report of a stolen vehicle that was seen at a convenience store at FM 99 and IH-37. The vehicle was reported to be a white Ford 1/2 ton pickup which had been stolen out of Austin. The driver got fuel and then left, heading northbound on the southbound IH-37 access road. She advised that the stolen vehicle had been seen with another stolen vehicle on Saturday night at the same store. An officer had run vehicle checks on the vehicles and found both of them to be stolen. Atascosa Co. requested assistance from Live Oak Co. because the occupants of the stolen vehicle were reported to be armed. An Atascosa Co. deputy was following the vehicle on the southbound access and was near mile marker 93 when assistance was requested. A Live Oak Co. deputy was advised and responded. The vehicle turned off of the access road onto FM 140 and was heading towards Christine with the two officers following behind. Moments later, the vehicle was reported to have ‘hit the brush.’ The occupants bailed and the vehicle was recovered.

Michael Steven Gonzales, 29, of George West was arrested on Feb. 2 for assault causes bodily injury/family violence. George West Municipal Court Judge Patricia Lanford set bond at $2,500.

Manuel Rocha, 36, of Three Rivers was arrested on Feb. 1 for criminal non-support. Lanford set bond at $5,000. He was released per the Attorney General.

Michael Moreno, aka “Oreo” Moreno of San Antonio was arrested on Feb. 8 for driving while intoxicated with a child under 15 years of age. He was released to ISF for transfer to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Center.

Raul Garcia, Jr., 34, of Pflugerville was arrested on Dec. 27 on a Travis Co. warrant for possession of a controlled substance, pharmacy grade, greater than 1 gm., less than or equal to 4 gm. He was released to ISF for transfer to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Center.

Adam Michaels, 24, of San Antonio was arrested on Feb. 1 on a Bexar Co. warrant for failure to notify. Lanford set bond at $1,600. He was released to Bexar Co.

Ricky James Brodel, 52, of Harlingen was arrested on Jan. 14 for escape from custody. (Original charge was drug possession - cocaine.) He was released to Washington St. Department of Corrections on Feb. 2.

Rene Cortinas, 43, of George West was arrested on Feb. 1 for family violence. Lanford set bond at $500.

Rubena Carlene McCain, 56, of Three Rivers was arrested on Feb. 1 for contempt of court. Lanford was set at $500.

Roque Pedro Rangel, 25, of George West was arrested on Feb. 1 for two charges of purchase/furnish alcohol to a minor. Lanford set bond at $3,000 for each charge.

Sandra Ann Cortinas, 23, of George West was arrested on Feb. 1 for assault/family violence. Lanford set bond at $5,000.

Jose Luis Frias, 28, of Houston was arrested on Jan. 31 for driving while intoxicated, 2nd offense. Lanford set bond at $8,000.
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