Stasny's comments during Monday's commissioners court meeting
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For the record, it is important to note:

- Under oath, Mr. Dennis DeWitt failed to deny the racial remarks reported by Amanda Gonzales and her sister, Lori Keller, or Brian Cushing and his business partner, Willie Gonzales, in their separate complaints.

- Under oath, seven times Mr. DeWitt said “not to my recollection” to relevant questions during his interview with the investigator, David Morgan.

- The complaints statements taken under oath by Mr. Morgan did not vary in content from the original complaints taken by myself and the county judge’s administration assistant.

- Mr. DeWitt, a county employee at the time of the complaints, is not the victim. The victims are Amanda Gonzales, Lori Keller, Willie Gonzales and Brian Cushing.

It is also important to note on the record:

- “Shooting the Messenger” is a well-known technique for deflecting responsibility or blame in an unpleasant situation, and that blame has been directed at me. However, it was Mr. DeWitt, not me, who made the racial remarks that the complaints were based on.

- The timing of these complaints against Mr. DeWitt could not have come at a worse time for me personally.

- I brought forward these complaints against Mr. DeWitt through official channels as a responsibility of my office.

- The local paper refused, as is their right, to publish a paid advertisement requested by Amanda Gonzales and Lori Keller of their notarized statement to inform others of their experience with Mr. DeWitt.

- I assisted Amanda Gonzales and Lori Keller in getting their message out by setting up a radio advertisement; however, I did not coerce Amanda Gonzales to do the radio ad.

- During Mr. Morgan’s interview with me, I failed to recall leaving the radio station when Amanda Gonzales expressed concern to me about retaliation directed toward her family. I returned to the station at Amanda’s request to do the radio ad.

- Following the runoff election, Jason Collins asked me, “Didn’t you feel some responsibility to your constituents to get out the complaints about Mr. DeWitt?” My answer was “Yes.”

- My decision six years ago to delay, for one week, revealing my discovery of bid discrepancies and mu opposition to the Perry’s building lease served a “public purpose” by saving the taxpayers $4 million on the courthouse restoration. A failure on my part to help inform the public of two complaints against Mr. DeWitt would not have served a public purpose.

- I knew that I could lose votes by revealing the complaints about Mr. DeWitt; however, who better than I to risk four years of public office to inform the public?

- I fully accept the decision of the voters. On. Dec. 31, I will leave the office of Commissioner, Precinct 2 with dignity, self-respect and a clear conscience.

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June 30, 2010
Wah, Wah, Wah. I am so tired of her continual crying. You lost and I for one can't wait until December 31st. Ms. Stasny, do us all a favor...attempt to grow up and quit acting like you are the victim. The people have spoken so why don't you quit speaking; it just keeps making you look worse every day.