Disturbed by racism claims
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I’ve known Dennis DeWitt for years. His integrity and honesty were always upstanding. I cannot believe that he would ever use such racist remarks. Shame on the Commissioners Court, at which I spoke some time ago. Oh, you should have heard what I heard. It was a rant against a prominent “white” person in this town. Of course, he wasn’t there.

The people who are claiming this, even if they got a sworn statement, it still does not mean they are telling the truth. I can get something notarized, and that also doesn’t mean it’s true. Why didn’t they come forward earlier? They say they did but were told to let it go. I don’t believe that either, because the Commissioners Court would use this as a political tool for their benefit. Don’t you think more people would come forward if this were true, since Mr. DeWitt has worked with the public for years? Where are they? I’m so sick of people playing the race card all the time when they don’t get what they want. There is racism in Beeville more than any other city I’ve ever lived in, but a lot of people claim it when it should not be used. However, I’ll say again: Dennis DeWitt is an honorable man and would never use those words. Shame on the Commissioners Court! Now that he’s saving the taxpayers money, please check the county you run. There’s so much tall grass on the sides of the roads, you can’t see to pull out!

By the way, I am not white. I am Italian American with a Spanish name. Dennis has never called me a WOP!

I am very troubled over this. Shame on you again.

Darlene Ventiquattro

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