Questions attorney’s threats
by W.H. Rayburn
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It amazed me to see the City Attorney sneak in the back door and have her attorney present at the council meeting to interrupt the proceedings.

I do not believe (Bauer’s) attorney was acting within Roberts Rules of Order, threatening the council with a possible lawsuit, should they not take Ms. Bauer into closed session.

The council backed down and went to closed session after being threatened by Bauer’s lawyer, who used strong-arm tactics, claiming Bauer was anything except a contract person.

The law is clear that if the employer does not hold out FICA, Social Security, unemployment, and tax deductions, that person is a contractor, says the Attorney General of Texas. Mr. Ron Nelson had positive proof of the facts.

Councilman Ron Nelson was and is correct. The ladies of the council (Wanda) Dukes, and (Karen) Watts seem to condone misbehavior and threats.

What has happened to right vs. wrong; good vs. bad; common decency, truth and respect within our ladies of the council? Contractors are not privy to closed sessions, under the Open Meetings Act.

I do not know of anything that Deb Bauer has done to solicit such loyalty, to let her threaten people, try to get people fired, and curse in public places on a rampage, if she’s unhappy.

It looks like Ms. Watts and Ms. Dukes are loyal to the core, regardless of threats, and misguided anger by Ms. Bauer. I wonder what Bauer has on them to call for such loyalty, even after what she has done?

I applaud Mr. (Frank) Hosey for sticking up for what is right, beside Mr.. Nelson, thanks to both you gentlemen. I think undue threats swayed Mr. (Garrett) Engleking’s decision, but anyone that would fire the acting Chief of Police for what his wife did, was nothing compared to what Deb Bauer did in contrast to the coach and the school board here.

Mrs.. Watts was the instant mouth to speak “I move we take no action” followed second by Mrs. Dukes instantly with no reservations in so doing. These council women obviously condone bad behavior and, should be recalled, in my opinion.

I felt Mrs. Watts had a vendetta against Ron Nelson that overshadowed Mrs. Bauer’s misbehavior, and her own good judgement. At the least, these ladies should never be re-elected to represent the good of the people, or be reelected to represent me on the council.

I maintain that by condoning bad behavior and threats, Watts and Dukes are as guilty as Deb Bauer, for the same misdeeds. Thank you.

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