Karen Clark seeks Bayside Council, Pl. 1
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Karen Clark
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(Karen Clark seeks the place 1 position on the Bayside City Council. This week, she released the statement below.)

Hello, my name is Karen Clark, and I want your vote to be elected as a Bayside City Council Member, Place 1.

My husband and I purchased our property in Bayside five years ago. However, many of you may not know me because we have only been living in Bayside for 15 months.

Some of you may remember me as the person who volunteered at the Bayside city office for two months after the May election.

My husband, Dennis, and I married in July 1965, and we have two daughters, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

I raised our daughters while I worked as bookkeeper/secretary/treasurer for my husband’s business, Clark Precision Inc. in El Dorado, Kan., where I was born.

I served as PTA mom and PTO president for daughter’s elementary school; Brownie and Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s groups during their middle school years and was district leader for Girl Scouts of America, El Dorado, Kan.

I also was a volunteer bowling instructor for children K-12 and those with special needs.

We moved from Kansas to Texas in 1984, and we owned a home in Portland for 15 years before building our home in Bayside. We fell in love with the two lots where we now live, because of the wonderful trees.

I retired after 18 years as office manager from Bay Area Anesthesia and then Dennis and I spent 4 years traveling in our motor home before settling in our Bayside home.

I wish I had moved to Bayside 40 years ago. I love it. It’s just a friendly town.

We enjoy getting together with family, friends and neighbors and enjoy babysitting our 14-month-old great-grandchild.

Again, my business background, my leadership experience and my love of family qualifies me for the Bayside City Council. Vote for me, Karen Clark, for Place 1.

Remember, early voting in person begins Oct. 18 for the Nov.2 general election.
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October 08, 2010
I hope that the citizens of Bayside will someday be able to look at their nominated candidates for the dedication, commitment, and care for others that have been displayed thru out their lives. It takes a brave and determined individual to even put their name into the hat in an election at Bayside (knowing that you will be thrown under the bus by the haters of anything new and just). I wish the best to all the nominees for city council and hope the citizens will look at each candidate for their sincerity and concern for the community. Just because someone has lived in the community for years, doesn't always mean they have the best interest of the community.
October 02, 2010
I wish you would've moved to bayside 40 years ago too then you would know what you are talking about. Why did you move to bayside? was it because of the beauty of it? Who was mayor then? Now look at it, make any sense now? you can't move somewhere for 15 months and think you know what all is going on. you don't think before you react. you have bad mouthed people that don't deserve it which tells me you aren't seeing all sides fairly. that's not unity, thats a bunch of hot air