It’s almost Halloween
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I guess I can tell you folks about UFOs. UFOs are things that appear, but they are not real.

My parents used to tell me that, on FM 673, there is a ranch near the Friendship Church. I am not going to tell the name of the ranch, because it is sacred to me. My parents were married there in 1934. They used to tell me that a light in the shape of a lantern would come out of the pasture and disappear in a field that was in the edge of the road. If people were outside, it had a habit of following them until it disappeared.

Now, there is another thing on FM 673. There used to be a 100-year-old tree at the edge of the road. At night a white horse would come out there and follow cars that were passing by until it disappeared. He used to follow my uncle’s car in those years.

My dad had a cousin in Pawnee. One night, she called us. She wanted to come and pass the weekend with us, so my dad went to get her. All of a sudden, there was a man by the roadside asking for a ride. But, when my dad approached him, he disappeared. Now, folks, if all this still happens there, don’t be afraid. They are just UFOs. They are not real.

I used to love that house on that ranch, because my grandparents used to live there since the 1920s. I was sad to hear that it was passed to another family. But, well, I guess everything passes. Even my 100-year-old Aunt Lucy passed away this month. And she was married there too. I know that most of all my cousins feel the same way.

Pauline Suniga
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