LOC Fair Arts and Crafts show rules
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1. This division is open to everyone in Live Oak County except those youth who will enter projects in 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, Young Feeders, Young Crafters and Eager Bakers.

2. Pre-registration is not required for this division.

3. All entries must be the work of the individual exhibitor. Identical items and patterns are not to be entered by the same exhibitor. Items previously entered in the Live Oak County Fair are not to be entered in the 2011 Fair. Clean and neat appearance of the exhibits is encouraged and stressed.

4. All entries in this division must be delivered to the coliseum at the Fairgrounds and registered between 8 a.m. and 12 noon on Thursday. They must remain on exhibit until 3 p.m. on Saturday. If someone can not leave their items on display until 3 p.m. on Saturday, they should not enter this division. Items should be picked up between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday.

5. Each participant will be responsible for registering at the proper registration table. The exhibitor may enter as many items as they choose.

6. The fair board, the Arts And Crafts committee, nor the FCE club can be held responsible for the loss or damage of any items entered.

7. Ribbon awards will be: First Place (90-100); Second Place (80-89); Third Place (70-79). Rosettes will be awarded to the top winner in each department provided the top winner earned a blue ribbon. The rosette winning entry must be a blue ribbon entry.

8. Food entries must be entered as follows: cookies, candy, and individual servings of bread (such as biscuits, rolls, and cinnamon rolls) must be entered in two parts: Part 1 - as a group of three (3) on a small-disposable plate and covered with a clear baggie; and Part 2 - a single serving in a plastic bag to be tasted by judges and then discarded. Cake and loaf entries must include the entire cake or loaf and must be exhibited on a piece of covered cardboard appropriate to the size of the item entered and covered with a clear plastic wrap.

9. All baked goods and canned goods should have recipes with the entries.

10. Packaged mixes will be accepted in the baked goods or candies if the mixes are used for the base of the product, and not the sole product itself.

11. Selling will not be permitted of any exhibit in any division of the Arts and Crafts Show and Horticulture Show before 3 p.m. on Saturday.

12. “Standard” canning glass jars are encouraged to be used in the Canned Goods Class, however, other jars will be accepted. No rusty containers of any kind will be accepted. Preserves, jellies, pickles, and relish canned foods will be opened by the judges when being judged.

13. Each item entered must be accompanied by a 3” x 5” card and filled out as such:

—Side 1: Include your name and address;

—Side 2: Include the Class being entered and which department you are entering. Specify further, if necessary;

EXAMPLE: Use one (1) 3-inch by 5-inch card for each entry:

Side l: NAME: Jane Doe ADDRESS: P.O. Box 333 Town,Texas,Zip

Side 2: Class A Needlework Dept. 1 - Afghans

a. crocheted

A receipt will be issued for each exhibit entered on Thursday and must be presented on Saturday before items may be picked up at 3 p.m.

Please note: items that have been on exhibit will be allowed to be sold by their owners at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

14. Only judges and workers will be allowed to remain in the Exhibit Building during the judging.


Class A - Needlework

Dept. 1 - Afghans

a. crocheted

b. knitted

c. other

Dept. 2 - Quilts

a. machine stitched

b. hand stitched

c. other

Dept. 3 - Bedspreads

a. crocheted

b. appliqued

c. embroidered

d. knitted

e. other

Dept. 4 - Rugs (Size - no less than 3’ x 4”)

a. hooked

b. crocheted

c. braided

d. knitted

e. other

Dept. 5 - Linens

a. tablecloths

b. pillow cases (pair)

c. tea towels (pair)

d. place mats (set of 4)

e. other

Dept. 6 - Throw Pillows

a. smocked

b. embroidered

c. needlepoint

d. animal

e. other

Dept. 7 - Handstitchery

a. needlepoint

b. crewel

c. embroidery

d. candlewicking

e. smocking

f. counted cross stitch

g. plastic canvas

h. tacking

i. other

Dept. 8 - Stuffed Items

a. animal

b. dolls

c. toys

d. interior decorations

e. other

Dept. 9 - Personal Wear

a. aprons

b. bonnets and hats

c. capes and shawls

d. garments

e. lingerie

f. purses

g. baby garments

h. other

Dept. 10 - Wearable Arts (fabric manipulation)

a. fabric appliques

b. patchwork

c. quilting

d. outwork

e. southwest geometries

f. other

Dept. 11 - Decorated Garments

embellished or decorated with (purchased or handmade)

a. fabric

b. laces

c. ribbons

d. trims

e. stones

f. other

Dept. 12 - Miscellaneous

a. hooked wall hangings

b. other

Class B-General Baked Goods

Dept. 13-Cakes

Dept. 14-Pies

Dept. 15-Quick Breads

Dept. 16-Yeast Breads

Dept. 17-Cookies

Dept. 18-Candies

Dept. 19-Packaged Mix Comb.

a. cakes

b. candy

Dept. 20-Decorated Cakes

c. cookies

d. pies

e. other

Dept. 21 - Cupcakes

Dept. 22 - Cobblers

Dept. 23 Miscellaneous

Class C - Canned Goods

Dept. 24 - Relishes - opened

a. beets

b. chili-sauce

c. chow-chow

d. corn relish

e. pepper relish

f. pear relish

g. tomato relish

h. other

Dept. 25. - Jellies - opened

a. apple

b. grape

c. berry

d. plum

e. other

Dept. 26 - Preserves, Jams & Marmalades - opened

a. apple

b. berry

c. grape

d. peach

e. plum

f. orange

g. pear

h. fig

i. Other

Dept. 27 - Cucumber Pickles - opened

a. dill

b. sour

c. sweet

d. bread and butter

e. pear

f. other

Dept. 28 - Non-Cucumber Pickles - opened

a. pepper

b. meats

c. squash

e. vegetables

d. okra

f. beets

g. fruits

h. other

Dept. 29 - Canned Vegetables - unopened

Dept. 30 - Canned Liquids - unopened

Dept. 31 - Canned Fruits - unopened

Dept. 32 - Canned Meats - unopened

a. meats

b. fish

c. other

Dept. 33 - Sauerkraut - unopened

Department 34 - Soup Mixes

Class D-Dried Or Dehydrated Foods


(Example: pears, peaches, etc.)

Dept. 36 - Meat

(Example: jerky, fish, etc.)

Dept. 37 - Vegetables

(Example: pepper, onion, etc.)

Class E - Crafts

Dept. 38 - Ceramics

Dept. 39 - Leather Work

Dept. 40 - Stained and Painted glass

Dept. 41 - Paper Mache

Dept. 42 - Mosaic Work

Dept. 43 - Bead Work

Dept. 44 - Blown Glass

Dept. 45 - Candles

Dept. 46 - Metal Art

Dept. 47- Lamps

Dept. 48 - Woodwork

Dept. 49 - Driftwood

Dept. 50 - Tole Painting

Dept. 51 - Wreath

Dept. 52 - Miscellaneous

Dept. 53 - Recycled items
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