Live Oak County Public Records
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In addition to arrests, the dispatchers at the Live Oak Criminal Justice Center received 197 complaints for the week of May 10-16.

A man near Tilden advised that one of his employees was missing. The employee said that he was going to go buy a rubber raft and go fishing on the lake. He has checked with the Atascosa County jail and with the Live Oak County jail, and his employee was not at either place. The employee was believed to be wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans.

A George West woman reported that there were people in her back yard. They were dressed in green, looking up at the moon. She yelled out to them several times but she advised they won’t answer her. They are not only in her back yard but they are in the neighbor’s yard, also. It was suggested that the neighbor may be having a party.

A man said he was buying some property and that he went to work on clearing his lot. A female who rents a house on the property next to his lot came over and threatened him. He alleged that she knocked his coffee out of his hand and threatened to shoot him if he did not leave. He stated all he wanted to do was get his property cleaned up. The female has dog houses and other stuff on his lot. He would have been willing to let her keep the dog houses on the lot, but he changed his mind when she threatened him.

A male caller on Hwy. 281 advised that someone was flying the American flag upside down and that usually means a sign of distress. He would like for an officer to go and check it out because he doesn’t know if they need help or if they were just doing it as a prank.

A Three Rivers man said some guys sold him a fake surround sound system today for $300 at a George West business. They followed him to the ATM machine. It turned out that the system was a fake and they are scam artists. He just wanted officers to be on the lookout for these scam artists in case they come back into the area.

A man near George West stated there was a man and a younger man and they were on the side of the road and were either taking down a tent or putting one up. The responding deputy advised that subjects were told to move the tent off of the side of the road and onto the property of the person they have traveled down to see.

Caller advised she was waiting on her daughter at her workplace in George West. Her 17 year old daughter called and said there was a man with a mask on in their residence and that she was in the residence with him. George West Police officers and deputies arrived at the home but were unable to locate the alleged prowler.

A Three Rivers man reported that there was a man taking things out of the house next door. They have seen him take a microwave and now he has a computer. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt.

A George West man said that there was a loud party on his street. He said that people were throwing beer cans in everyone’s yard and parking in the neighbor’s yards.

A George West woman walked into the dispatcher’s office and advised that someone had texted her. The text read, “hey, are you a female and do you want to be my friend.”

A man from the Lagarto area said that, in a pen behind the end of the runway, there were some horses that looked as if they were starving. He advised that there was no grass and no hay for them to eat and they look very skinny. He wanted to speak to an officer to know what could be done about this.

A George West woman needed to talk to an officer about her 12 year old daughter. She was acting “real bad” and the mother can’t control her. She wanted an officer to scare her.

A George West woman said that when they came home, there was a man with a flashlight walking very close to their house. He was not on the road, but between where they park and the house.

The following are arrest records made through the Live Oak County Criminal Justice Center. The information was obtained from open records and does not reflect the guilt or innocence of those logged.

Loretta Graham Hendrix, 44, of Sandia was arrested on May 16 on two Nueces County warrants: offense #1- for assault causes bodily injury/family violence and offense #2- escape from custody.

Dino Anthony Soliz, 28, of Corpus Christi was arrested on May 6 for offense #1-reckless damage personal property for which Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Endercio Chapa set bond of $500 and offense #2-public intoxication with a $500 bond.

Carissa Blanca Trevino, 21, of George West was arrested on April 30 assault by physical contact/family violence. Chapa set bond at $350.

Roque Pedro Rangel, 26, of George West was arrested on April 30 for assault by physical contact/family violence. Chapa set bond at $350.

Abel John Sanchez, 34, of George West was arrested on April 30 assault causes bodily injury/family violence. Chapa set bond at $1500.

Holly May Jackson, 30, of Three Rivers was arrested on April 29 on a Nueces County warrant for sex offenders duty to register life/annually.

Raymond B. Figueroa, Jr., 49, of Sandia was arrested on April 19 on a Live Oak County warrant for indecency with a child by sexual contact (2 counts, same warrant.) A $10,000 bond was set.
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