No excuses, beauty for a buck can be had
by Kristy Orr
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Who’s that? You say to yourself as you get a load of your reflection in the glass door of the post office one day. You do a double take. That can’t be me. That’s not really what I look like, is it? Surprisingly enough you notice the same person staring back at you through the glass doors of the supermarket entrance. Oh my! I really need some help, but I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a make over.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Don’t make excuses. I’ll go shopping when I lose weight. How about looking great while you lose weight. I don’t have any extra money. I stay home all day so no one ever sees me. Oh believe me, we see you.

This is your wake up call. If you have as little as one hundred dollars, you can give yourself a makeover in three short steps. If you have no money whatsoever, don’t fear. Why not have a garage sale in your honor ? You’d be surprised at how you can turn your unwanted items into cash.

Ladies everywhere. Yes, I mean you sitting there in the ill-fitting jeans that come to your navel with your 80’s bangs and updo, read carefully as I outline how to make yourself over in under one hundred dollars.

1. The first and most important part of your make over session is to find a great pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down. Regardless of age or size, you can find flattering and up-to-date styles. They generally run thirty dollars a pair and can accommodate sizes 0-20, petite and tall. Certain plus sizes 16-30 are only available online. Enlist the help of a sales representative. You’ll be excited to realize that you’ll have a more updated look just by changing out your jeans. Your new jeans will make your old shirts and shoes look so much better.

2. Next, find a good thrift store. You’d be shocked at the fabulous deals you can get.

Some thrift stores are better than others so you’ll have to shop around. Due to the fact that thrift stores do carry some out of date items, I would not recommend getting jeans here (unless you are an experienced shopper). I find great deals on classic pieces like sweaters, polo tops, denim jackets, etc. I also love to buy accessories and purses here.

Expect to pay about five bucks per shirt. So, allow twenty dollars to get new things here. Surprisingly you can usually find upscale brands like Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Anne Taylor, Talbots, etc.

3. Step number three is the best part. It’s all about the hair and make-up. Find a picture of a hairstyle that you like. If you don’t have money for a magazine, go to the library and check out a recent issue of glamour type magazines. Show your style to a student at a cosmetology school. Keep in mind the beauticians are learning, but they are supervised by highly skilled instructors. They want a good recommendation so they’ll do a good job for a fraction of salon costs. You can usually get a great haircut at for only six dollars at a cosmetology school. While you are there, splurge for a manicure and pedicure for about twenty dollars.

I would also recommend a professional make-up application. Bring your own make-up and you’ll be charged ten dollars for a professional application. I especially like this part because you can learn new ways to apply the make up you already have.

Total cost to look and feel beautiful, approximately $86; tax and gratuity not included. (great fitting jeans - $30; thrift store bargains - $20; hair/make-up - $36; feeling great - priceless.)

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