Three Rivers fifth graders measure up!
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The students in Mrs. Carolyn Orsak’s fifth grade math classes have been studying customary and metric units of measurement and how to make conversions within the same measurement system.

To help the students better understand the importance of making accurate measurements, she arranged for her classes to visit the Valero Vocational Ag. Science Building where her husband, Mr. Lawrence Orsak, is the instructor for the high school ag classes.

Mr. Orsak’s students are busy getting ready for the upcoming Live Oak County Fair FFA Shop Show and have several metal and wood projects in various stages of completion. Mr. Orsak explained how important it is to measure accurately in order for a project to compete successfully. He had the fifth graders use rulers, protractors, and measuring tape to check the angles and dimensions on cutting boards, barbecue pits, fire pits, and a wooden patio bench.

The 5th graders were then given two strips of metal and told to measure 3 ½ inches from the end of each strip to use as a reference point. Then, with the help of TRHS senior Logan Muniz, the students placed their strip in a metal scroll bender and turned the arm until their reference point lined up with the reference point on the scroll. The students did the same with the other metal strip. The students then wrote their name on each strip. Mr. Orsak welded the two strips together to form a heart, painted them red, and then returned them to the students to give to their parents for Valentine’s Day.

Mrs. Orsak and her students want to thank Mr. Orsak and Logan Muniz for their time and assistance in demonstrating the importance of math in “real-life” situations.
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