Beeville's Big Bang Theory
by Lindsey Shaffer
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Residents of Beeville reported hearing another loud boom, a noise similar to an explosion, on Saturday, Sept. 14, around 7:30 p.m.

No one can confirm the exact source of the sound, but there has been much speculation about what could have caused it.

Lt. Eddie Garcia of the Beeville Police Department remembers getting calls about the noise.

“We were getting reports about an explosion from the Expo Center to (Highway) 59 which is an industrial area,” he said, “We responded to the calls and surveyed the area but found nothing.”

Garcia said the police department also followed up with industrial factories in the area to ask about the disturbances but they have yet to discover what caused the boom.

Local residents have contemplated everything from gunshots or fireworks to meteors or a sonic boom caused by an airplane. Of course there are also the somewhat more interesting conspiracy theories, suggesting that the booms are caused by secret government practices.

Some Beeville residents took to Facebook to converse with neighbors and others who heard the noise. Several reported feeling a physical effect from the boom as it shook houses and rattled windows, but no injuries or property damages were reported.

Robert Bridge, Bee County’s emergency management coordinator, did not hear the noise but was informed about it after the incident.

He heard several theories being talked about, including a sonic boom due to a Navy jet, an explosion from a natural gas or oil well, and the detonation of a homemade explosive device.

Bridge believes it is mysterious that no one could report exactly where the noise came from, such as “next door” or “down the street.”

“To my knowledge, it is still a mystery,” he said.

Conley Isom, a video forecaster from Texas Storm Chasers, believes the boom was due to a natural gas explosion in Newton County. The explosion occurred when a pipeline carrying natural gas suddenly ruptured. He did not comment on the fact that Newton County is almost six hours from Beeville.

Similar boom incidents have been reported recently in areas nearby, including Victoria and Alice. In each reported case, residents and police department officials have never been able to identify the cause of the boom, or exactly from what direction it came.

Another explanation for the booms, although less likely, could be due to recent meteor sightings, which can cause a sonic boom as they enter the atmosphere.

This theory aligns with reports that the American Meteor Society has published of very bright meteor sightings in the area, also called “fireballs,” two of which occurred last Saturday., a blog dedicated to reporting and tracking “Amazing, Weird and Unexpected Phenomena,” contains reports of mystery booms from all around the country. Each incident leaves witnesses with unanswered questions and possible theories, attempting to explain the unexplainable.

Whether the real cause behind the explosion-like noises heard in Beeville and beyond are all natural or manmade, residents are left to ponder the mystery of the boom.
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