Three Rivers Elementary holds end-of-the-year AR Pep Rally
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Three Rivers Elementary held their end-of-the-year Accelerated Reader pep rally on Thursday, May 28 in the student activity center. Parents, students, faculty and staff were there to celebrate the rewards of reading and to see what the teachers were “up to” now as far as entertainment goes.

Jennifer Shepherd, first grade teacher, did an excellent job of announcing. She said that the 2008 - 09 school year proved to be an exciting year for several reasons.

One, we had the most 100 point club members - one hundred and twelve students reached this level and were rewarded with t-shirts. Second, we had two students fromkindergarten reach the 100 point club. We have never had that.

Mrs. Shepherd went on to announce that according to Diane Wilson, Elementary Librarian, there were over 28,900 books checked out this school year.

Every 6 weeks, TRES has an AR drawing. Every time a student passes a test, they get a coupon. These coupons are deposited in the library and one lucky winner from each grade level is drawn and awarded a prize. The winners for the 6th 6 weeks are: Ray Garza - kindergarten; Alexis Zuniga - first grade; Ybeth Rodriguez - second grade; Kaitlyn Noel - third grade; Matthew Smith - fourth grade: and Daniel Copley - fifth grade.

Mrs. Shepherd then began announcing the 100-point club members. First, she recognized the two girls who made TRES AR history because they were the first kindergarteners who have ever reached 100 points. They are Kyndall Gonzales and Allynee Hernandez.

First grade 100 point club members are: Raelyn Aguillon, Noah Blankenship, Morgan Brosig, Hannah Davis, Alex Diaz, Bryce Favor, Kyle Garcia, Chaz Gibson, Faith Hales, Ashlyn Huff, Kateline Kruse, Cesceli Leal, Amanda Lopez, Marc Marin, Brett Noble, Kyle Pullin, Cami Rodriguez, Carlos Romero, and Alexis Zuniga.

Second grade 100 point club members are: Gabriel Cordova, Mark Gentry, Will Gregory, Derek Hinojosa, Kailey Huff, Reagan Kopplin, Matthew Lopez-Tanguma, Brandon Melton, Madison Morgan, Joshua Moya, Neil Rathod, Jessica Rodriguez, Juana Sanchez, Logan Sbabo, Kayla Shipman, Noah Stewart, Tanya Valdez, and Pacen Wieding.

Third grade 100 point club members are: Jason Cadena, Myra Carrillo, Lucas Diaz, Gabbie Escamilla, Kaylee Hall, Madeline Johnson, Haley Koeneke, Colby Lamprecht, Christopher Lopez-Tanguma, Sarah Martinez, Kendall Meineke, Ciara Morin, Roy Moya, Kaitlyn Noel, Ally Ramirez, Lee Retainers, Cassie Retzloff, Kara Rodriguez, Randilyn Saenz, McKenzie Stewart, Brandie Trevino, and Chelsie Wilson.

Fourth grade 100 point club members are: Dawson Bednorz, Angelina Bowerman, Jessica Cantu, Lupe Cordova, Lillie Council, Amber Edwards, Kylie Gamer, Brittany Garza, Ashley Granderson, Jason Guerra, Nichole Gutierrez, Hunter Haag, Katrina Horton, Kooper Hughes, Chandler Kruse, Levi Lansford, Kenneth Lee, India Moreno, NikayaNeal, Dylan Pawlik, Michael Retzloff, Raymond Riojas, Marisol Rios, Brooklyn Sbabo, Matthew Smith, and Edward Valderas.

Fifth grade 100 point club members are: Brittani Benham, Daniel Copley, Juan Cruces, Ashlee DeLeon, Teresa Diaz, Levi Fulcher, Tabetha Gonzales, Nayeli Gutierrez, Ricky Horton, Mary Johnston, Chris Lara, Fidel Luna, Chloe Macias, Emily McAfee, Ryan Retzloff, Ivan Rodriguez, McKenzie Ruiz, Nicholas Ruiz, Nicholas Ruiz, Adrianne Saenz, Alexis Saenz, Braden Samuels, Valentin Sanchez, Ryan Tanguma, Tristan Teague, and Ashley Zamzow.

Next the 200 point club members were announced. They were: Third grade - Randilyn Saenz; Fourth grade - Lupe Cordova, Lillie Council, and Amber Edwards; Fifth grade - Mary Johnston, Fidel Luna, and Emily McAfee.

Next the 300 point club members were announced. They were: Fourth Grade -Lupe Cordova and Fifth Grade - Fidel Luna and Emily McAfee.

Next the 400 point club members were announced. They were: Fourth grade -Lupe Cordova and Fifth grade - Emily McAfee.

Mrs. Shepherd then announced the grade point totals. Kindergarten - 777.7; First grade - 3,920.9; Second grade - 4,657.8; Third grade - 4,953.6; Fourth grade - 5,397.1; and Fifth grade - 4,349.0 for a grand total of 24,056.1 points. This, again, made a new record.

At every AR pep rally, some students and teachers usually perform. This year, they incorporated the TV show “Dancing With The Stars”. The panel of judges was announced. They were: Mrs. Phyllis Ruschhaupt, Mrs. Christy Orr, and Ms. Donna Davis. Next, the dancing students were announced. These were students from each grade level who had the most AR points. They were: Kindergarten - Kyndall Gonzales, Allynee Hemandez, Jacquelin Curfman, Paige Heard, Jasmin Conard, and Hannah Holmes; First grade - Bryce Favor, Faith Hales, Chaz Gibson, Katelin Kruse, Kyle Garcia, and Noah Blankenship; Second grade - Mark Gentry, Joshua Moya, Derek Hinojosa, Matthew Tanguma, Kailey Huff, and Reagan Kopplin; Third grade - Randilyn Saenz, Brandie Trevino, McKenzie Stewart, Madeline Johnson, Ally Ramirez, and Colby Lamprecht; Fourth grade - Lupe Cordova, Amber Edwards, Lillie Council, Dawson Bednorz, Raymond Riojas, and Nikaya Neal; Fifth grade - Emily McAfee, Fidel Luna, Mary Johnston, Ryan Tanguma, Teresa Diaz, and Ivan Rodriguez.

The final performance was that of the teachers dancing. They were “Tangoing” Tadlock (Linda) representing Kindergarten, first grade was “Grooving” Graves (Kim), second grade was “Waltzing” Woodward (Laura), third grade was “Twirling Whirling” Wieding (Laurie), fourth grade was “Salsaing” Sulaica (Laura), and fifth grade was “Jiving” Jambers (Tim). Last, but not least, was “Dicy”, “Dipping-flipping” Dye (Dianne), Elementary Principal.

Diane Wilson would like to thank the following faculty for serving on the AR committee: JJ Dobie, Jennifer Shepherd, Laura Woodward, Laurie Wieding, JoAnn Teague, Tari Goebel, Audra Huff, and Dianne Dye. Special thanks goes out to Sylvia Salazar.

Ms. Wilson is very proud of every student for knowing how important reading is and she wants all the elementary students to go to the public library this summer and read, read, read.
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