Courthouse restoration began in 2000
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What are the true facts about the courthouse restoration?

There seems to be many different stories in the community concerning the courthouse, but what are really the true facts?

In attending the two night meetings of Commissioners Court, I was very confused over this whole issue, it seems as if the court had not really researched this important issue very much. There were people saying no master plan had been filed for record in the renovation of the courthouse.

I have been away from the courthouse for many years, but still understand that when anything is approved in Commissioners Court, it is filed for record in the county clerk’s office, since she is the clerk of the court. Has anyone gone to check the records in the county clerk’s office concerning the truth on this controversial issue tearing our community apart?

I took it upon myself to do some researching on this issue because it really concerned me or bothered me hearing all the accusations against different people. The records as filed in the clerk’s office on Jan. 31, 2000 (yes, this topic didn’t just occur, it has been in the making since the year 2000), when Judge Pawelek was county judge shows that Item #3 on the Commissioners Court agenda clearly reades “approve/disapprove courthouse master plan as presented Jan. 25, 2000 by Mr. Fisher for grant application.” Item #3 was unanimously approved by all commissioners. Then where was the master plan? After a length of time, the records of all departments are filed away in the records management special projects building across the street from the courthouse. Yes, the Historic Courthouse Master Plan was filed away in the records management building. Judge Pawelek and each commissioner at that time received a copy.

It is up to the newly elected officials to research and find these things out. They ran for these offices and should research and find out where these records are filed and kept. I was told that one newly elected official was told the master plan was filed away in the records management building and the reply received was “I don’t want to go over there and look for it.” Then don’t go around and say the master plan was never filed and no one received a copy. I even heard one person stand up and make the remark that this was something again hidden by Mr. Kendall, when Mr. Kendall was not even the judge at that time. Get the true facts before making a statement!

Charlene Blaschke
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