Wake up!
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America, wake up! Congress, wake up! Politicians, do what is right for the people who elected you to office, or those people will replace you. Don’t just vote party lines; vote for “we, the people.”

Here are some points from a small business owner with no political experience, just a little common sense and concerns:

- Do not spend more than what we have. Look at cutting waste and loopholes.

- Why send money to countries which do not like us and want the destruction of America and our way of life? No matter how much we give them or how much we try to please them, they will still want to do us harm. Most of that money may be better spent on our seniors, first responders, teachers, military, schools and veterans. Let’s try putting our people first for a change.

- Be more supportive of our military. If they are accused of doing something illegal, do not presume them guilty until proven innocent. Let’s treat and call terrorists terrorists. They do not have the right or deserve to be treated like a U.S. citizen and be given Miranda Rights.

- This would be for our judicial system. This is a very difficult one. We need to visit the “beyond a reasonable doubt” law. All I will say on that is Casey Anthony and O.J.

- We need to look at bringing prayer back in our schools and school games. We are “one nation under God.” We should be able to pray and respect the rights of those who do not want to pray.

It just breaks my heart when I see homeless veterans, children suffering and the elderly who may not be able to afford to buy food or medicine.

I hope to see this great nation united, working for the common good of all its citizens. May God bless our troops, bless you and continue to bless the United States of America.

Rudy Garcia
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