Ramping up river use
by Kenda Nelson
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The crumbling Mission River boat ramp is deteriorating but that is about to change. WCID #2 purchased enough private property to obtain a Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant to rebuild the launch site just west of the Mission River Bridge on State Highway 2678. Above, Tom Wiginton spent the afternoon Tuesday at his childhood fishing hole.
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REFUGIO – Gerald Morgan, member of WCID No. 2, announced Tuesday morning during the commissioners court meeting that a grant obtained from the Parks and Wildlife Department will be used to rebuild the Mission River boat ramp just west of the Mission River Bridge on State Highway 2678.

“The old one is falling over and there’s no other access to the river,” Morgan said.

The WCID obtained approximately $300,000 in grant money and, with in-kind labor, the grant will amount to approximately $700,000, according to Morgan.

“We’ve been working on it for about a year,” Morgan told the commissioners.

Before the grant was obtained, the group purchased some private land at the ramp. One of the requirements of the grant was that the entity either have a long-term lease or own the property.

The announcement of the planned improvement came on the heels of a request from the WCID to store approximately 50 years of records in the courthouse.

“We have to maintain records forever,” Morgan said. “Ed Ermis, the president, has closets full of records and about 25 years worth in his attic.”

Other board members as well are storing the records in their homes, according to Morgan.

Morgan met with Ida Ramirez, county clerk, and six feet of available space was found in the county clerk’s secured area of the basement.

The commissioners granted approval to WCID to use the space.

In banking matters, the court rejected a request from Vantage Bank to meet with county employees in the courthouse. The bank, which serves as the county’s depository, wanted to meet with employees to offer incentives to bank with Vantage.

The commissioners rejected the request.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Commissioner Gary Bourland.

Robert McGuill, county attorney, weighed in as well. The attorney it would set a precedent concerning private businesses addressing county employees.

“When do you draw the line, what’s next, how far can we go with this?” McGuill asked rhetorically.

Louise Aduddell said Vantage was the county’s depository and the only bank that had a reasonable bid two years ago.

Commissioner Rod Bernal’s objection included other issues. The workers are very busy and visiting with the bank during work hours would lose too much time, he said.

The bank representative said he will be willing to meet with the employees at another location.

“Not meeting at the courthouse is not an obstacle,” the representative said. “We want to provide awareness that we are here to support them in any way we can.”

The court agreed to post the date and time of the meeting inside the courthouse; however, a date and time was not set.

The commissioners also approved a request from Southcross CCNG Transmission, Ltd. to place a pipeline under Boenig Road.

The court also re-appointed members serving on the Child Welfare Board. The court appointed Jeanette Chandler, chair; Cathy White, vice chair; Kathy Feuerbacher, secretary; Loretta Bourland, treasurer; and Janet Christensen, Mary Julia Flores and Rita Trojcak, all members.

In library matters, the commissioners adopted a 33-page Policy & Procedures manual for the library, as requested by Tina McGuill, librarian.

McGuill also announced a new program – an introduction to genealogy – that is being considered at the library.

The library will continue the Summer Reading Program “to evoke a lifetime love of reading,” and the Tuesday morning reading for pre-school aged children.

In other matters, the commissioners:

• Declared the month of April as County Government Month

• Designated the week of April 22-28 as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week